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Plan Your 2021 Summer Now

Summer is the perfect season to save money to help pay for school, and to create fun memories you'll never forget. Find out how you can keep your summer exciting, while getting ahead as a student.

Shawna Newman

May 03, 2021

Plan Your 2021 Summer Now
Summer 2021 has serious potential!
What should you do when the semester ends? Instead of loafing around, think about getting more out of your time off from school. As businesses begin to open back up and travel restrictions are lifted, summer 2021 has serious potential. Your summer break is the perfect season to give yourself an academic or student advantage. You could boost your experience level with a part-time summer job or internship, work at a food truck to save money for school or enroll in a summer camp or summer learning program to get ahead. Summer days are longer. Be sure your summer schedule includes time for making memories, too! From shopping or traveling to playing the latest video game with friends, summer fun should be included on your plan of activities.
Here are some ways students of all ages can maximize their summer schedule to get ahead:
Summer Planning for High School Students
High School Internships You Haven’t Heard About
Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts
Summer SAT/ACT Prep You Can Do at the Beach
Summer Programs for High School Students
Summer Planning for College & Graduate Students
Fantastic Remote Internships for Students in 2021
Cover Letter for Internship Sample
A Young Professional’s Guide to Finding the Right Corporate Fit
Summer Jobs & Internships
Top Companies Hiring for Part-Time Summer Jobs
Fastweb's Part-Time Jobs
3 Ways to Gain Work Experience
Remote Summer Jobs for Students
Why You Should Get a Part-Time Job this Summer
Other Fun Activities You Can Do All Summer Long
Student Travel Destinations After COVID
Use Your Zodiac Sign to Find Scholarships
Try Growing an Indoor Plant
Travel the World Via TikTok
21 Shows to Stream in 2021
Go Thrifting
Play a Classic Game
Try a 90s-Inspired Craft

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Shawna Newman

Managing Editor, Contributing Writer

Shawna Newman is the Managing Editor and a writer at Fastweb. She has over 10 years of experience in higher education. Her direct work with college admissions teams, financial aid officers, college deans, ...

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