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Fastweb's Student Contributors series allows you to gain insight on important student topics as your peers experience student life. Discover, learn from and relate to articles written by students of all ages, from high school to graduate school, which share first-hand encounters with student issues that matter most to you. Get to know each of this year's contributors below!
Ashley Cheak

Ashley Cheak, High School Senior

Ashley is a senior at Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton, Ohio. She enjoys writing, as well as performing. While studying Creative Writing there, Ashley is also working on her Associate's in Communication at Sinclair Community College.

In the future, she would like publish a poetry and/or fiction book.

On top of writing, Ashley also has a strong interest in photography, and would like to do photo journalism to help get involved with the media. Over the summer, she attended Interlochen Center of the Arts and developed an even fonder love of the editing process. In the past, she has helped host and organize art events, and has also collaborated with fellow artists. She has an array of interests, but definitely sees writing and communication there.


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India Miraglia

India Miraglia, High School Senior

India is a senior at Paul V. Moore High School. She is dedicated to academics and loves learning, especially about politics, history, and social issues. Her favorite way to spend her free time is reading and writing. She plans to study journalism in college and is interested in being a political journalist or analyst.

India believes that writing can have a huge impact on the world while making lives better. She wants to develop her skills so her writing can help create a strong future.

One cause she feels passionate about is animal welfare. She has worked with various rescues, promoted petitions, and wrote to the White House to stop wolf killings. Her family owned a rescue which saved hundreds of dogs. She has many pets at home, including her own dog Sammi, a lab mix.

When not busy India is baking, cooking (she’s a vegetarian!), running, or watching her favorite shows (fandoms for life!).

She is in National Honors Society, DECA, Character Education, and Foreign Language Club. As a member of her school’s exchange program, she has worked with other districts to end racism and promote diversity. India is an editor for her school’s newspaper, the Crimson Talon.


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McKenzie Nevins

McKenzie Nevins, College Sophomore

Kenzi Nevins is a small-town Kentucky native and a sophomore at Taylor University. She's a professional writing major and theatre minor with a dream of becoming a novelist someday.

For the first semester of her freshman year she studied abroad in Ireland, which was definitely a life-long dream come true!

Kenzi has accidentally become something of a tea connoisseur - she blames it on Ireland and her job in a tea parlor last summer. And we all know what useful skill that is...right?

When she isn't acting, singing, drinking tea or going without shoes (seriously), she writes pretty much all the time. She's just begun to get her first taste of the professional publishing world - and she couldn't be more excited!

One of the biggest lessons she's learned in college so far is that she'll always want travel to be a huge part of her life.


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Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill, College Senior

Ashley Paskill is a (super) senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, majoring in journalism. She earned her associate degree in music from Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Ashley hopes to use her passions for both music and writing to be a music journalist. Her dream job is writing for Rolling Stone magazine!

In her free time, Ashley likes spending time with her friends and family, singing in her church choir, and doing crafts. Her favorite musicians include Hall and Oates and Chris Tomlin. Ashley's favorite TV show is "Live From Daryl's House," but she has to watch it online since she does not get the channel it is on.


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