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If you know the field of study you wish to pursue, you can apply for scholarships specific to your major. These scholarships and grants are great financial aid opportunities! One, they don’t need to be paid back. Also, as scholarships by major are more exclusive—as in, there are not as many applying for these.

Major-specific scholarships are both merit and non-merit based and are offered by both universities, colleges and organizations. Be sure to see if the majors you’re interested in qualifies for a state or federal loan forgiveness program too. Graduating college with little to no debt is a great way to begin your career.

Maybe you’re not quite sure what you’d like to be when you grow-up; that’s okay! If you’re still undecided on what you’d like to study, you can see what types of grants and scholarships are out there for a variety of fields of study. This may just help you make that final decision. Explore our huge database of scholarships by major to see what financial help is out there to help you pay for your college degree.