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Scholarships for Bilingual Students

Bilingual Students

The ability to master two languages isn't just impressive, it's award-worthy. That's why scholarship providers like to reward language loving students with bilingual scholarships.

Whether you grew up in a house where two languages were spoken or you learned in school, bilingual scholarships are typically awarded to students attending a specific school.

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Largest Scholarships for Bilingual Students

Name Amount Deadline
Bremer German Scholarship $5,000 January 05, 2018
John Montgomery Scholarship $2,000 Varies
Cotchett Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Scholarship $1,000 Varies
Clifford DeBaptiste Scholarship $500 Varies
Kurt Georg Memorial Scholarship $500 Varies
Irina and Olga Pikovskaya Scholarship Varies Varies
Bickel Family Scholarship Varies March 01, 2018
Daniel Molloy Memorial Scholarship Varies Varies
Lambarene Schweitzer Fellows Award Varies Varies
Amy Olson Memorial Scholarship Varies March 02, 2018