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Scholarships for Puerto Rican Students

Puerto Rican Students

Puerto Rican scholarships are available to students who are either from Puerto Rico or come from a family with Puerto Rican heritage.

Like many other minority scholarships, Puerto Rican scholarships are school-specific, meaning you won't find too many national scholarship competitions that are for Puerto Ricans only. You can find school-specific Puerto Rican scholarships, however.

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Largest Scholarships for Puerto Rican Students

Name Amount Deadline
Chicago Latino Caucus Foundation Scholarship $5,000 April 30, 2018
El Café del Futuro Scholarship $5,000 May 25, 2018
Goldman Sachs Scholarship for Excellence Up to $10,000 Varies
Prospanica Scholarship Program Up to $5,000 May 31, 2018
CALAHE Competitive Scholarship $1,000 May 04, 2018
Trujillo Chemistry Award $250 Varies
NHCFAE Rene Matos Scholarship Varies May 01, 2018
Dian and Andy Lopez Scholarship Varies Varies
Candelaria Scholarship Fund for Hispanic Students Varies Varies
Spanish American Organization Scholarship Varies Varies