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Scholarships for Valedictorians


Were you a valedictorian of your high school class? If so, there are valedictorian scholarships specifically for students just like you!

Virtually all valedictorian scholarships are exclusive to colleges and universities, meaning there are no national competitions or corporations that are offering scholarships to students just for being a valedictorian.

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Largest Scholarships for Valedictorians

Name Amount Deadline
Presidential Scholarship - WPI $25,000 Varies
Hopwood Scholarship - Lynchburg College $20,000 Varies
Trustee Scholarship - Lycoming College $20,000 Varies
Comenius Scholarship Up to $20,000 Varies
Regents' Scholar Award $14,568 Varies
University Scholars Program - SHU $14,000 Varies
Valedictorian Scholarship - Huntingdon College $11,500 Varies
Richard G. Lugar Academic Recognition Award Up to $13,500 Varies
Valedictorian Scholarship - USC Upstate Up to $7,500 February 01, 2019
Valedictorian Scholarship - UNLV Up to $11,900 Varies