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10+ College Scholarships You Can Apply for Today

The more you apply for, the better your odds are of winning!

Shawna Newman

October 07, 2021

This list holds more than 10 scholarships for high school and college students.
10+ College Scholarships You Can Apply for Today
Let's make this even simpler by answering one of the most asked questions about scholarships: timing.

When should I apply for scholarships?

Most United States students want to know when they should start applying for scholarships. The best answer is TODAY! Students can sign up for Fastweb at the age of 16 and can start accumulating scholarships to help pay for school, years before even beginning the college application process. Here's the main takeaway: the earlier you begin applying, the more scholarships you'll have a shot at being considered for and have time to win. Apply for one or however many of the scholarships below you qualify for! And applying for scholarships shouldn’t end after high school. College students should apply for scholarships each year, too! Remember, the more you apply for, the better your odds are of winning a scholarship. Take a break from social media and set a goal to apply for a few scholarships weekly. Check out more than ten scholarships you can apply for today:
  1. $1,000 October Scholarship

  2. Deadline: 10/20/21
    Award Amount: $1,000
  3. $2,222 No Essay ‘You Deserve It’ Scholarship

  4. Deadline: 10/29/21
    Award Amount: $2,222
  5. $5,000 Discover Student Loans Scholarship

  6. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $5,000
  7. The $25,000 "Be Bold" No-Essay Scholarship

  8. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $25,000
  9. $2,000 Scholarship – No Essay

  10. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $2,000
  11. ScholarshipPoints $1,000 Scholarship

  12. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $1,000
  13. Niche $2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

  14. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $2,000
  15. Sallie Mae $1,000 No-Essay Sweepstakes

  16. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $1,000
  17. October 2021 Fastweb Invite a Friend Sweepstakes

  18. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $500
  19. $2,000 CollegeXpress Rule the School Scholarship

  20. Deadline: 10/31/21
    Award Amount: $2,000
  21. $1,000 Own Your Scholarship Journey Sweepstakes

  22. Deadline: 11/22/21
    Award Amount: $1,000

    $5,000 Discover® Student Loans Scholarship

    No essay required. Students and parents are eligible to win.

  23. ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship

  24. Deadline: 12/15/21
    Award Amount: $10,000
  25. $2,500 Christian College Scholarship Drawing

Deadline: 5/31/22
Award Amount: $2,500
Check out these Four Scholarship Tips via this Instagram Reel:

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