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College Dorm Packing Checklist

Follow this list to help ensure you've packed all the essentials without over packing.

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 11, 2018

College Dorm Packing Checklist

By now, you’ve probably started to think about packing for college. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed, remember that you’re just going to college – not Mars.

Every year, tons of students pack way too many items in fear they won’t be prepared.

However, they arrive to learn that they have little space to store everything and end up regretting packing so much.

Alternatively, they forget an essential item because there’s just so much to think about.

Remember, if you do forget an essential, you can always ask someone to send it, pick it up next time you visit home or have someone from home bring it along when they visit.

Or, if it’s something as simple as a toothbrush, there are stores around your college town.

In hopes to help with the process, here’s a college dorm packing checklist.

Follow this list to help ensure you’ve packed all the essentials without over packing.

Always Ask First!
Before bringing any of the following items, contact your school’s housing office and ask about the rules and regulations within the residence halls.

Many schools don’t allow things such as:

• Halogen bulbs and/or lamps
• Hotplates, skillets, toasters, toaster ovens
• Air conditioners
• Extension cords
• Candles
• Pets
• Nail picture hangers

Dorm Room



Sheets (Check to see if they need to be a special size)

Bed risers (If your bed isn’t a loft)

Desk/Bed lamp

Book light


Crates or stacking storage containers

Microwave (If allowed in room)

Mini-Refrigerator (If allowed in room)

TV/DVD Player




Facial Tissues

Laundry basket/bag

Laundry detergent

Stain remover

Rolls of quarters (If necessary for laundry)

Dryer sheets

Trash can

Paper plates and cups

Cups, dishes & silverware for in-room snacks

Reusable water bottle

Reusable coffee mug

Plastic containers with lids for snacks (Bugs, otherwise!)

Delicious snacks

Personal Care

Shower caddy


Soap/body wash

Shower pouf/loofah

Towels (Bath, face, washcloths)

Shower shoes



Body lotion

Shaving Cream / Razors



Feminine Products

Cold medicine

Hair dryer (Straightener, Curling Iron)


Cotton swabs, cotton balls, etc.

Sewing kit (with safety pins)

Lint brush

Wrinkle release

Other Fun Items to Consider:

Video Game Console/Games


Framed photos with family, friends, roommates
Dry erase board (For messages from friends)

Deck of cards, Board Games


Comfortable clothes/shoes for class

1 interview outfit

1 dressy outfit (For formal events)

Work out clothing/shoes

1 bathing suit/beach towel

Light jacket for early fall/spring

Raincoat, rain boots, umbrella


Winter coat

Winter hat, scarf, gloves, boots

School, Computer & Tech


Computer/laptop case

Wireless mouse



Lap desk

iPod/MP3 Player


Tablet or E-reader

Blank discs or drives for the computer labs

Desk organizer

Binders, folders


Printer and ink cartridges

Printer paper

Pens, pencils


Dictionary/ Thesaurus (Apps work, too!)

Backpack or messenger bag


Day planner


Post-It notes


Three-hole punch




Paper/binder clips

Rubber bands

Extra Phone Charger(s)

Handy Things to Have

Area maps

Safe with a lock (For valuables)



Toolbox/Basic tool set


Weekend bag or small suitcase

Extra Power strip(s)

Extra Extension cord(s)

Poster putty for hanging up decorations (Most schools don’t allow nails)


If You Have a Private or Shared Bathroom with Roommates

Bathroom rug

Shower/bath mat

Shower curtain

Shower curtain/tension rod

Shower curtain hooks

Towel hooks


Full-length mirror

Air freshener

Toilet brush

Toilet cleaner


Cleaning Supplies

Rags, sponges, scrub-brushes

Swiffer/Swiffer pads

Mini Vacuum

Cleaning wipes

Rubber gloves

Dish soap

Note: Even though you can usually get school supplies on campus, it’s often cheaper to buy it during the back-to-school sales at off-campus stores.

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