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7 Tips to Freshen Up, Get Inspired in Your Study Space

The best way to stay inspired through your study sessions is to have a space that excites and reflects you.

Student Contributor, Allison Willrich

January 27, 2022

7 Tips to Freshen Up, Get Inspired in Your Study Space
Inspire yourself with a study space that reflects your personal style.
We are officially are in 2022! Being that it’s a new year and many of us will be attending school remotely, now is the perfect time to spruce up your study space. Here are some tips for minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between!

Clear your Space and your E-Clutter

It’s always best to start off with a clean slate. Clear off the desk, organize drawers, file papers where they belong, etc. Another important tip that can easily be overlooked is your e-clutter. Get rid of unnecessary tabs, sort files on your desktop, and clear unnecessary notifications. Removing these distractions helps a lot when you are looking for the motivation and drive to study or get work done.

Look at Current Design Trends

From cottagecore to eclectic nostalgic, there are so many styles to choose from when it comes to decorating your space. Some other popular 2022 aesthetics for college students include biophilic/botanical, sustainable, maximalist, and 70’s retro. Biophilic or botanical focuses on bringing natural elements inside, from big and bold greenery to dainty florals. Sustainable style is exactly what it sounds like: upcycling, thrifting, and eco-friendly products. Maximalist can be personalized to your unique tastes, making it a great style for those who value their individuality. The 70’s retro style utilizes bold color palettes, quirky patterns, and antique furniture. Overall, these trends seem to draw inspiration from nature to create fun, functional spaces!

Start with Simple Additions and Subtle Changes

Try using a few statement items to set the vibe you’re going for! Play around with a funky vase with bright flowers or candlesticks in unique, thrifted candleholders to establish your desired tone. Similarly, adopting a new house plant can liven up the area and look trendy. Plants such as pothos or peace lilies are great if you are a beginner and haven’t developed your green thumb. Another easy and free idea is to deck out your digital space to continue your aesthetic. You can find high-quality wallpapers for your laptop to match your interior design, and use an app like Notion to beautify your weekly agenda.

Consider Color Psychology

Not sure what aesthetic you want to go with? Take a psychological approach and determine what you want out of your study space! Red: Passionate and Powerful. Can be used to create a sense of urgency and inspire. Orange: Creative and Enthusiastic. Great for boosting morale and inspiration. Yellow: Happy and Curious. Creates a warm, inviting, and optimistic atmosphere. Green: Fresh and Natural. Has a soothing effect. Blue: Calm and Confident. Good for a tranquil space. Purple: Noble and Sophisticated. Great for imagination and inventiveness. (YSK: Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year is Veri Peri, a charming shade of purple with blue undertones!) Pink: Delicate and Playful. Perfect for a lighthearted and loving environment. Black: Bold and Classic. Can be used for both simplicity and luxury, is very versatile and stable, and is applicable to most styles. White: Serene and Simple. Similar to black, it can be used in a variety of ways. Brown: Warm and Natural. Can provide steadiness and strength while promoting openness.


The amount as well as the type of light you’re in really matters. Studies show warm lighting is better for creativity, while colder lighting is best for focus. As a design student, I use a small lamp with an amber bulb when evening comes around and natural light is not available. If I need to concentrate on something technical, I prefer to get it done in the morning, when the sun is shining through my window. Try to experiment with different lighting and see how it affects your productivity!

Make it Comfortable

Not only should you seek to create an enjoyable study space, but a nice overall environment. Obviously not too cozy you’ll fall asleep, but you should be able to spend a few hours there without getting too fatigued. One major factor is temperature. Similar to lighting, the cold keeps us engaged while the warm can promote a more relaxed environment. Additionally, music can assist in setting the ambiance. Common genres my classmates and I listen to are lofi, classical, relaxing jazz, and spa or meditation sounds. If you aren’t the type to listen to music while studying, try lighting a candle to give you a boost! Scents such as citrus or peppermint are believed to increase alertness and invigorate, while scents such as vanilla and jasmine are said to fight exhaustion and increase memory retention during studying!

Encourage Creativity

Do whatever it takes to keep your brain going! Utilize post-it notes or a whiteboard to jot down ideas. Even keeping a journal to doodle can help avoid a mental block. Apps such as Evernote, SimpleMind, and Study Bunny are free and greatly assist in organization, focus, and productivity! With this new year comes new goals, new habits, and new opportunities. I encourage you to start 2022 off right - stay organized, prioritize your self-care, and be the best version of yourself!

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