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Student Travel Destinations After COVID

These places, near and far, are perfect for student travel in a post-COVID world.

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

April 23, 2021

Student Travel Destinations After COVID
Top destinations for students once travel restrictions have been lifted.
The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will never take our time outside for granted anymore. Traveling, whether it was across the country or to the mall, came to a complete halt. Now that things are finally starting to die down with the vaccine out, many are beginning to plan their next adventures. If you’re stuck on destinations to add to your bucket list, here are some underrated places that you’d might want to consider for your travel after COVID!

Central America

Central America is one of the most beautiful regions in the world! The region consists of all the countries between Guatemala and Panama (below that is South America, another amazing region to explore). The region is much cheaper than other places in the world, with a hotel costing about $60 a night on average.
There are countries that are more expensive than others, such as Panama and Costa Rica since they are typically more well-known. However, the lesser-known countries, like Nicaragua and Belize, are also just as beautiful and unique in their own way, while also being cheaper. After all, the beaches in all of these countries have the same water. Despite civil unrest that has occurred in these countries in the past, it is generally safe as long as you are practicing the safety habits travelers should always follow: such as being aware of your surroundings, not leaving your things unattended, looking into the area you are staying in, etc.


Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia, and this country is absolutely stunning. With mountain ranges that fill the whole country, there’s so much to explore and do! For starters, you can stay in a yurt while you are touring the country. A yurt is essentially a little hut which is designed for the mountain terrain.
But if you are not in the mood to camp, you can always stay at hostels, which are typically clean and budget friendly. Also, since mountains surround the country, hiking is a must! Every trail you go on can be a whole new adventure, filled with beautiful rivers and views. In the city, the architecture is unique, with amazing food stops along the way.


Yes, Georgia is also a country! Located along the border of Europe and Asia, this stunning country has rich culture and vibrant life. Beautiful cities such as Tbilisi (the capital) and Kutaisi are interesting to explore, since they have such historical backgrounds: Kutaisi is one of Europe’s oldest cities, and Tbilisi still has their old neighborhoods intact.
With the historical aspects in mind, the food is also absolutely incredible anywhere you go, with ethnic dishes like Khinkali (dumplings stuffed with traditional Georgian spices and meat) and Mtsvadi (meat skewers). There are also amazing gardens to explore throughout the country, and if you’re up for it, you can have a beach day to explore the coast of Georgia, which is actually the coast of the Black Sea!

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is underrated, when it’s one of the most fascinating regions in the world. With countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, there are so many places to explore, so many things to do, and so much food to eat! It is typically inexpensive, where you can have a daily budget of about $40 a day. The best part is that each country is different in their own way, with their cultures, cuisines, and even languages. Since Southeast Asia is filled with islands and coasts, spending at least one day at the beach is a must. This region is also filled with forests to go out and explore as well! On top of this, take this opportunity to explore the many cultures in these countries, by visiting little villages that you pass, exploring the many temples scattered throughout the region, and even visiting some palaces if you are near. In the major cities, the architecture is unlike any other, and you may find some good food stops along the way. The whole region is also full of immense history to keep in mind while traveling through this area of the world.

National Parks

A more local, road-trip friendly option are the National Parks all across the country! You may even have a national park hidden a few hours away from you, so you can turn your drive into a weekend getaway. You can go camping at almost every national park, but if you are not one for camping, you can always stay at a hotel or lodge in or near the park. If you’re only going for the day, that’s okay too. There is plenty to do at national parks for a weekend, let alone a day! The best part about visiting your own national park is that you can always go back spontaneously if you want, at a much cheaper price with a lot more freedom to “venture off the path” and explore new areas. Traveling is a very beneficial thing to take advantage of whenever you can. It opens your mind to new things, whether it is new cultural ideas, new foods, and a whole new perspective on life. This can even come in handy when writing college essays, since it shows that you have multiple perspectives on issues and ideas! With all of this being said, traveling is amazing no matter where you go; and every chance you get, cherish it and take it all in, because we all now know that it can pause at any moment. When things start to get a little more safe, go out and explore the world around you, because there is so much out there!

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