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Video Game Lessons that Apply to College and Beyond

Students have been taught three lessons in success from video games. Find out how you can level-up via your gaming experience.

Shawna Newman

January 12, 2021

Video Game Lessons that Apply to College and Beyond
Set aside your player-one mindset to contribute to a greater cause.
With winter break relaxation on the minds of college students, you may find yourself reminiscing about your younger—worry-free years. While the good ‘ole days of playing video games like Fallout, Rocket League or Just Dance for hours on our Wii, Nintendo Super NES, PlayStation 4 are gone, you may be surprised to learn your Xbox One taught you some life lessons. Video games teach us to follow a surprising range of college rules and applications from braving open worlds to finding hidden financial aid opportunities via the video game industry. Video game players and college students know how to...

Plan for The Important Things

No matter what you want to do with your life, you need to make plans. You realized it as a child while figuring out how to make Super Mario jump across nearly impassable ledges, and you know it now. No matter what your reasons are, planning is important. Trying to rush through a project or button mash your way through a level only works until the A.I. catches on. Planning gives you time to focus and assess a situation. Games are designed to challenge you!
Gaming vs. Real World Example Jumping ahead to explore magical worlds before hearing the back story and game mission ( Hogwarts Legacy PS5, we’re looking at you). Is Similar To… Reviewing notes before entering the next section of a cumulative language course.

Become Competent at Your Craft

In college and college esports, situations are prepared to increase in difficulty, training you to be the best version of yourself. Freshman year begins with introductory writing classes with one-to-five-page assignments. Those papers steadily increase in length and depth as you move up. Similarly, games start with reminders about the appropriate button to press and progress to more complex combinations as you advance. Training in both situations only provides you with tools; the action, adventure and accomplishment is up to you. Games only tell you which button to press; they rarely tell you when. When you take an exam, no one tells you exactly when to use each piece of information learned in class. The ability to put that information together is in your hands. Competency in college has far-ranging advantages. Competency implies a degree of reliability. For instance, being a part of a successful group project in your history class is preparing you for a successful work presentation in your future. Gaming vs. Real World Example Training as a Fortnite player offline on a high difficulty to prepare for online matches. Is Similar To… Writing practice essays and explaining testable concepts from memory to prep for an exam.

Be Sociable

Whether you play games online or not, many games are created with some intention towards a multiplayer mode. Likewise, the skills you gain in college are developed with the understanding that you will use those skills in the world around you. The truth is many multi-player modes require competency from all the players on collegiate esports teams. You are only as strong as your weakest link and communication is an important part of success. In fact, some people looked to online video games as a form of “human connection” while self isolating in 2020. The pandemic has helped us discover we need to connect even if we cannot see one another—whether that’s in the virtual gaming world or not. Humans need to connect; it’s our basic instinct. Likewise, students who step outside their comfort zone to achieve a goal on campus are more likely to succeed. It does not matter what you study in college, if you don't get along with others or despise public speaking, you’ll have a hard time in your future career. Gaming vs. Real World Example Setting aside your player-one mindset to contribute as a team member on a game mission (AKA: League of Legends). Is Similar To… Realizing the deductive-reasoning skills you learn in college are only as useful as you make them (Always trust your first instinct; the villain could be right under your nose.).

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