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Top Companies Hiring for Part-Time Summer Jobs

Who's hiring the most this summer? Read on to find out.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 17, 2020

Top Companies Hiring for Part-Time Summer Jobs
Summer may have unofficially started already, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get a part-time summer job. In fact, there are plenty of companies still hiring. Interested in health care, babysitting or delivery services? There’s a job for you! Take a look at some of the top companies hiring on Fastweb’s Part-Time Jobs search engine.
Looking for a specific type of summer part-time job? Discover top types and where you can look for them.

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Note: This list only includes some of the many part-time job opportunities on Fastweb. Check out your part-time job matches for more opportunities.CVS Health Estimated job postings: 6, Estimated job postings: 350+Randstad Estimated job postings: 300+FedEx Ground Estimated job postings: 200+

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Amazon Workforce Staffing Estimated job postings: 150+Korean Women's Association Estimated job postings: 100+Spherion Estimated job postings: 100+Bluecrew Estimated job postings: 100+Bimbo Bakeries Estimated job postings: 80+Amazon Corporate LLC Estimated job postings: 70+ABM Industries, Inc. Estimated job postings: 70+AppleOne Estimated job postings: 60+Guest Services, Inc Estimated job postings: 60+Nesco Resource, LLC Estimated job postings: 60+Presbyterian Homes & Services Estimated job postings: 60+Prestige Care Estimated job postings: 60+Staffmark Estimated job postings: 50+Commonwealth Senior Living Estimated job postings: 50+Confidential Company Estimated job postings: 50+Collabera Estimated job postings: 50+ Again, the above list only includes some of the many part-time job opportunities on Fastweb. Check out your part-time job matches for more opportunities.

How to Get a Part-Time Job This Summer

If you’re looking to beat out the competition for a part-time summer job, you need to up your game. That includes revamping your resume, cover letter and working on your interview skills. If you’ve never created a resume before, we have you covered. Check out our first part-time job resume template on Fastweb. However, if you already have a resume, it’s very likely that you need to update it before you begin the job search. This is your chance to include any experience or achievements you’ve gained in the last year of school. It’s also your chance to completely revamp your resume if that’s your choice. Many resume formats today look more like a social media profile and really showcase a candidate’s creative side. A simple search online will show you a few examples. It's also a good time to allow a family member, friend or mentor read over your resume for you. They can provide you with some feedback to help upgrade the document as well as look for any grammar or spelling mistakes. After all, the quickest way to lose out on a job is to have a resume riddled with errors. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you. You may need a cover letter for your job search too. Oftentimes, this can be the email you initially send into a hiring manager as well. Again, we’ve got you covered with a cover letter template if you’ve never created one before. Finally, it’s time to brush up on your interview skills. Before the interview, make sure you do your research on the role, the industry and the company you’re interviewing with specifically. Write down any questions you may have for the interviewer. Also, check out common interview questions and answers so that you can be prepared for these questions that typically pop up. You can even practice with a family member or friend – or simply rehearse them in your mirror. The more you prepare your answers, the better you’ll sound during the part-time job interview.

Start Your Summer Job Search Now

There are still a few weeks left in summer – so what are you waiting for? Get your resume and cover letter ready, and start applying. Right now, a part-time job may simply be a way to make money or pay your tuition bill, but it’s actually doing more than that. It’s creating the foundation of your work experience, which will no doubt be vital in helping you land your first real job after college graduation. With that, it’s important that you perform well in this role. As a part-time employee, you’ll get hands-on work experience, which includes working on a team, taking orders from a superior, and engaging with customers. These are all qualities and skills that you can develop during your summer job experience and include on your resume for future job opportunities. So don’t negate this experience or treat it lightly. What you’re doing today impacts your future. Make it count – and above all – enjoy your summer part-time job.
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