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Remote Summer Jobs for Students

Don’t let the pandemic be an excuse: get a part-time, remote summer job.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

April 09, 2021

Remote Summer Jobs for Students
Get work-from-home experience this summer through a remote job.
As COVID cases are generally decreasing and more and more Americans become vaccinated each day, a return to “normalcy” seems to be on the horizon. However, the return to normal will undoubtedly be slow. That’s why remote summer jobs for students will be just as popular as they were last summer. For remote summer jobs, students need a reliable Internet connection and flexible schedule. Other than that, though, the world is their oyster. Remote work makes it possible for students to work with a variety of companies from anywhere in the world. Essentially, their employment possibilities aren’t limited by a location. Because the summer job search season is in full swing, Monster has highlighted 20 companies that are hiring part-time workers right now. U.S. News and World Report anticipates that many more companies will be offering remote summer jobs for students than what was available last year.
For some part time summer job inspiration, check out the possibilities presented by U.S. News and World Report:
  1. Entertainment The entertainment industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic last year. In 2021, however, they are pivoting to provide more remote work opportunities. U.S. News and World states that streaming services, like HBO, are providing more work-from-home jobs that are feasible for college students.
  2. Freelance Freelance jobs have always been available to college students as an option to enhance their resume and help pay for college; however, now, there are more opportunities. These jobs can range from writing social media posts to providing technical support. Find freelance jobs on Monster now.
  3. Marketing and Communications Marketing and communications jobs have typically been on the forefront of remote work. Students with these majors and career paths can find a variety of remote, part-time opportunities. According to U.S. News and World, responsibilities could include content creation for newsletters, blogs, or social media posts.
  4. Research U.S. News and World states that are entry-level research jobs available to college students. With that, you don’t have to have a background in research or scientific work in order to qualify.
  5. Social Media When it comes to remote jobs in social media, students can opt to work for an established company or chart their own path. Many high school and college students utilize their online presence as influencers, making their own income or receiving free or discounted products.
  6. Delivery Service Support Roles The pandemic, no doubt, changed our shopping behavior forever. In a world that was already heavily reliant on Amazon, the pandemic shifted whatever in-person shopping we were doing to online venues as well. As a result, there has been an increased need for part-time remote workers to power delivery services like Amazon, making these jobs ideal for students.
  7. Teaching and Online Tutoring While tutoring opportunities have always been popular for students, the demand now is even greater. Many elementary, middle, and high school students are still learning remotely, and there is a need for online tutors to help fill the gap between what students are being taught virtually and what they’re actually learning. The need for tutors to help clarify points and work with students to fully understand certain principles is more in demand than ever.
  8. Telemedicine Support Due to the increased need of telemedicine, U.S. News and World Report anticipates that there will be greater need for telemedicine support roles. These responsibilities could include schedule coordination and logistics for virtual visits.
  9. Virtual Event Planning As virtual corporate events and webinars continue to be the norm, students would be perfect to fill logistical and event planning roles.
  10. Virtual Internships Finally, major corporations and popular summer internship programs will likely go virtual again this summer. We’ve highlighted some of the best remote summer internships that will be available.

Why You Need a Remote Summer Job

For the summer of 2021, you can no longer use the excuse of a global pandemic as to why there is a gap on your resume. There will be plenty of job opportunities, both in-person and virtually, either of which will enhance your resume and provide real world work experience that you can tout after graduation. You can start your part-time job search on Fastweb. We offer part-time job search by location, job, and seasonality. Additionally, we can help you successfully navigate the job search with our expert advice and guidance: • Cover Letter and Resume Tips for Remote Jobs, InternshipsFirst Part-Time Job Resume SampleCover Letter Dos and Don'ts Another great place to search for a summer opportunity is your college’s career center. They will have alumni ties to companies and will know about virtual internship opportunities in your major or career field. Whether your college is meeting in-person or virtually, your college career center is open and willing to help. Just reach out for help. Monster also provides part-time job search, with over 500 work-from-home opportunities currently available, and resources to help you navigate the process. By the time you graduate from college, your resume needs to include prior work experience. Graduates that have summer jobs, internships, or job shadowing experience, will have an edge over those that do not. That’s why summer jobs are invaluable to your future career path, no matter whether you’re flipping burgers or serving in a high-profile internship program. Furthermore, landing a part-time summer job during the pandemic shows that you’re ambitious, hard-working, and willing to work during a time that is volatile and unpredictable. Through this experience, you can showcase your loyalty and adaptability, both characteristics that future employers will prize. If getting a summer job is on your to-do list, whether in-person or remote, the time to start the summer job search is now. Get started right here on Fastweb.

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