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Fantastic Remote Internships for Students

Check out these 35+ virtual-internship opportunities for college students. Plus, important tips to land your remote internship.

Shawna Newman

June 21, 2021

Fantastic Remote Internships for Students
Graduate college with skills that set you apart!
Landing an internship is a great way to secure your path to employment after college graduation. In addition to the textbook knowledge, working alongside professionals gives you the real-world application that sets you apart. You'll have meaningful work experience to add to your resume. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into the typical in-person internship experience. As businesses are working to keep employees safe by shifting to remote work, you may be concerned your internship chances are zero...this is not true.
This list of full-time and part-time online internships for 2021 includes big name companies across the United States, AND your location will not hold you back. You can work from home (or dorm, apartment). If you’re looking for a remote internship program in 2021, this list of virtual internships is a great start!

ABC Entertainment Drama Development Internship (Remote) – Summer

Virtual CN / AS Production Intern

Virtual HLN Specials Intern

Virtual Music Intern - Warner Bros. Pictures Music

Virtual WBTV Casting Intern

Virtual Marketing Ops MBA Intern

Virtual Creative Services Graphic Design Intern

News and Sports Technology Internships – Remote

Peacock Editorial & Marketing Internships – Remote

Entertainment Research & Consumer Insights Internships - Remote

Software Engineering Intern - IOT - Remote

Automation Infrastructure Co-op - Remote

Welding CFD Model Development and Simulation Intern - Remote

Computational Material Science Intern - Remote

Wi-Fi-based Localization Research Intern - Remote

Visual Analytics & eXplainable AI (Machine Learning) - Intern / Remote

Group Benefit Sales (GBS) Virtual Summer Internship Program - Remote

MetLife Technical University (MTU) Virtual Summer Internship Program - Remote

Youth Employment Program - Hybrid/Remote

IALR Intern - Remote/Hybrid

Consumer Services Analytics and Strategy MBA Summer Internship - Remote

Finance Operations Summer Internship - Remote

Game Design Intern, Rocket League - Remote

Gameplay Programmer Internship - Fortnite - Remote

Animation Programmer Internship - Remote

Stryker Corp – Remote Information Technology Internship

Virtual Summer Internship - Remote

Turtle Island Restoration Network – Remote Intern

ACLU National Prison Project – Remote Internship

StoryCorps –Chicago StoryBooth Remote Intern

Major League Soccer – Motion Graphic and Creative Content Remote Internship

Superfly Remote Internship - Winter 2021

Guinness World Records – Digital/Remote Internship

Human Rights Campaign Foundation Internship Program/Remote

Children and Youth - Youth Programming Intern - Remote

Dropbox Software Engineering Internship Summer 2021 - Remote

The Asian American Commission (AAC) Internship Program - Remote

Didn’t find the exact internship you were looking for above? No worries! Our internship database is updated often and includes thousands of possibilities that fit you and your college major. Set up a free Fastweb account to find your virtual internship AND scholarship matches!

How to Get a Remote Internship

After you’ve found a few virtual internships you’re interested in, you’ll want to develop a game plan. Remote internships are in high demand. Meaning you want to give your internship interview, cover letter and resume your very best. Know what skills you can bring to the table that other applicants cannot! If you have taken a college course or completed a project related to the internship responsibilities, share this with your interviewer. In 2021, interviewers will be looking for students with self-drive, and superior time management skills. Internship employers want to know they’re hiring an intern that’s reliable, on-task and works well independently. Consider this when preparing for your interview questions. Also, think of a few situations you’ve adapted in 2020 due to the pandemic. Update your resume to include unique ways you’ve used technology, or how you adapted to get team projects done in a virtual setting. Use this internship cover letter example as a guide; modify it to fit your positive 2020 experiences.

Know the Interview Platform

Odds are your remote internship interview will be a virtual experience. If you can, ask what platform you’ll be expected to interview on a week before your interview. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this digital platform. Plan a practice interview with your friend or ask an instructor if they could call you on the digital platform for a mock interview. Be sure you know all the ins and outs of FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom—whatever the tool is that will be used for your remote-internship interview.

Rid Distractions, Look Your Best

Eliminate all possible distractions that could occur during your interview by turning off your phone, silencing your doorbell, stepping away from social media, and even notifying your roommate about the important call. Check out this list of five digital interview tips too! From lighting to video angles, this YouTube video covers aesthetics to ensure you look your very best on internship interview call.

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