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5 Digital Interview Tips

The Fastweb Team

April 08, 2020

5 Digital Interview Tips
Following these simple tips can make the difference between getting to the next stage of the interview process and being placed in the “no” pile!
In the age of the Internet, digital interviews are becoming increasingly common. The process can be quite intimidating if you’re not sure what to expect. Today, it is seen as an efficient method of interviewing, especially for candidates that may not be in the same location as the office or headquarters. It’s important that you’re ready for the process just in case it comes up. We’ve highlighted a few ways that you can be prepared in order to rock the digital interview, which will prove you’re not only flexible, but capable.

1. Be prepared before you connect

As you would with any interview, research common interview questions so you know how you’ll answer interview questions, even before being asked. Contemplate the type of interview questions this potential employer may ask, based on the type of company it is and the industry with which it associates. Additionally, get to the know the company itself. Companies love when you know about them and can reference their work in a job interview. This is especially true during a digital interview. You have to prove that you are willing to engage with this company beyond a physical level. On a technical level, make sure you have the appropriate equipment for a digital interview. If you don’t own a computer or laptop with a camera, consider propping up your phone so you don’t have to hold it throughout the entire interview. For one, your arm could get tired if you’re holding it up. For another, no one wants to see your “three chins” if you’re looking down at the screen.
It’s also important to make sure your device is able to host whatever digital app the interviewer is using, whether that’s FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Download the necessary app days before the interview – not 20 minutes beforehand. Finally, make sure you have a clean, quiet background during the job interview. Avoid doing the job interview in a crowded coffee shop or your messy bedroom.

2. Practice makes perfect

A digital interview can be uncomfortable and unnatural, similar to speaking in front of a camera. In fact, that’s exactly what you’re doing.
Practicing aloud while taping yourself is highly recommended because it can help you get rid of stage fright. You can also review the awkward footage and start over until it feels natural. If it feels too unnatural doing so by yourself, ask a friend to practice interviewing you via online video chat, providing your friend with a list of interview questions to ask beforehand. Just make sure to take the process seriously because practice really does make perfect!
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3. Display your skill set through thoughtful examples

Hiring managers are looking for candidates with examples to back up their claims. For example, if you say you’re a team player, make sure you have an example of a time you were a team player ready to go before you even bring it up. Don’t be afraid to speak about your past work experiences. This is the closest a hiring manager will get to knowing how you could perform in the role for which you’re interviewing. Be willing and open to share. If you’re unable to speak frankly and provide examples of your work ethic, hiring managers are likely to write you off quickly – which is exactly what you don’t want to happen.

4. Keep it short and sweet

During a digital interview, it’s more difficult to keep people’s attention. You want to keep your answers as crisp and concise as possible, making sure you get to the point quickly and effectively. That way, you can ensure everyone is hearing all of what you’re saying, not just some of it - because all of it is important. In order to achieve this, try writing out your answers to common job interview questions. Then, act as your own editor. Is all of the information you provided really necessary to painting a picture of the type of employee you would be? Time yourself and your response. Is the time it takes to answer too long?

5. Try to show enthusiasm and energy

Because people on the other side of the connection are seeing a limited part of you, it’s easy to come across as very unenthusiastic, even if that’s completely unintentional. Work on fluctuating your voice tone to ensure you don’t come across as monotone or “flat.” Try smiling at appropriate junctures, tilting your head at times in contemplation or showing different expressions. Working to highlight simple emotions can keep your interviewer interested in watching and listening to you. Finally, work on your body language. In addition to your answers, you’ll be judged on how you’re responding non-verbally. Talk with your hands. Sit up straight in your chair. Do not cross your arms when you’re not speaking. Instead, place them in your lap or somewhere else that is comfortable. Remember, following these simple tips can make the difference between getting to the next stage of the interview process and being placed in the “no” pile!

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