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The Benefits of College Career Centers

Elizabeth Hoyt

August 21, 2019

The Benefits of College Career Centers
Your college career center can help you find the right occupation or connect you with the right opportunity. What are you waiting for?
Your college career center may be offering some – or all – of these amazing benefits and you might not even be aware of them! If you have not researched or utilized your college’s career center, it can be a wealth of knowledge and resources all wrapped up into one building. Set aside some time for a visit or explore their web site today!

Alumni Connections

Career centers often have databases of professional alumni which you can search by your major and department, as well as location, to look for connections within your area of study and location.

Business Cards

Some colleges’ career centers will print business cards for their students free of charge or at little cost, so it’s definitely worth looking into. These can be costly when purchasing on your own, so doing a little research into what your school offers never hurts!

Career Aptitude Tests

If you’re confused about where you’re headed – or if you’re headed in the right direction – your career center might be able to help. You can take a variety of career aptitude tests which will match potential careers to your personality or various skills to give you a better idea of which fields you may be best suited for.

Career Counselors

Your career counselor is there to provide you with help and guidance. They are your liaison to everything job-related you may need so feel free to ask them just about anything! Get to know them sooner than later because, the more you do, they’ll be able to provide you will career guidance throughout your entire college career.

Field Trips

For interested students, some colleges will organize field trips to cities to tour industries that are prevalent within the area. If this isn’t something that’s offered at your college, they may be open to the suggestion if enough students are interested in attending.

Job and Internship Placement

If you’re having difficulty finding a job or an internship, your career center likely has plenty of potential opportunities on a job postings board. They can help match you with opportunities that are available or keep an eye out for any type of specific opportunity you are looking for. You just need to let them know that you’re looking!

Online Resources

It’s likely that your career center is no longer limited to the walls it occupies! Most have plenty of resources online as well so that students have access to resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Practice Interviews and Feedback

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to something as nerve wrecking as an interview. At your college career center, counselors will hold mock interviews to help calm your nerves and get your questions and answers down pact. You will even get feedback from your counselor and, in some cases, you’ll be able to see a video of the entire interview!

Peer Mentors

If you’re looking for guidance from peers, the career center can provide peer mentors that can help you with any advice you may be looking for on which classes to take, what peers have learned and so on. It can be valuable to learn from other students so, if you feel that it’s something you’d benefit from, let your counselor know.

Professional Photographs

When you’re creating professional online profiles and portfolios, you’ll likely want a professional looking photograph. Why pay to get one taken if your career center will take one free of charge? It depends on whether or not your school offers this service, but it’s certainly worth checking into!

Professional Speakers and Workshops

Career centers will often host guest speakers to come and talk to students about potential opportunities within industries, career paths or different workshops such as resumes, cover letters, social media or any other career-related subjects that may be applicable. Your career center will likely have a schedule of speakers and workshops listed on their web site.

Resume and Cover Letter Help

You career counselor is there to provide you with help on your resume and cover letter. While they won’t write either document for you, they will help you sort out what should and should not be included and help you edit yours so that it’s as polished and professional as it can be!

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