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College Resources Every Freshman Should Utilize

There are so many resources that colleges and universities offer that you may not know about!

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

September 18, 2022

College Resources Every Freshman Should Utilize
Colleges offer so many resources and tools to help you navigate this year and beyond.
Welcome to college! This is about to be one of the craziest chapters of your life, so get ready. You will be introduced to so many different things, ideas, and people… it’s so exciting! Although with all these new things being thrown at you at once, you may start to feel swamped.

College Resources Every Freshman Should Utilize

The great thing is that your school has resources to help you ease your way into your new lifestyle. You may have been introduced to a few of these during your college orientation. There are numerous resources that your school offers, and even if you don’t think you will need to utilize them right away, you may need them in the future! Here are just a few that are the most common to keep in mind when in need of anything, from fun tools to financial aid.

Student Affairs Office

The student affairs office at your college is the gateway to numerous other resources at your school. Through this office, you can connect to your school’s programs, resources, organizations, and so much more! It is a great place to start if you don’t know the exact place to go when you are in need of assistance. The student affairs office is here to serve you!
Your school’s student affairs office is the main hub for all the organizations on campus. Whether it’s Greek life, student government, environmental club, or any other organization you could possibly think of, you can find information about it there. This office is also a great place to go if you want any sort of peer/student help. Many offices have student interns/representatives to help you just in case you aren’t totally comfortable with talking to a staff member. When in doubt, just reach out!

Mental Health Center

Many schools have nicknames for this office, but this is one of the most important places on your school campus. You’ll never know if you will ever need to use it, or if you will ever need to refer someone you know to it. The Mental Health Center has so many resources within it, such as counseling/on-site therapists and educational services. It’s extremely comforting to know that there is always someone there to talk to about anything, especially during this huge period of change. Most campuses even have peer counselors to talk to as well. Please remember to never be ashamed to walk into the Mental Health Center. Your mental health should always be your #1 priority.

School Libraries

This one may seem like a no-brainer, however don’t feel confined to just the first floor of the library when looking for a study space! I have seen that the farther away from the entrance you are, the less people are around. For example, at my college library, the basement is the best space! No one goes down there since it’s so lonely, but I personally love it that way. Feel free to roam around your own campus library, you might just find your favorite place to study!

Registrar’s Office

The registrar’s office has all the information for your class registration, fee deadlines, records, calendars and schedules… basically anything regarding your education. The office also gives you access to course information and how to contact the school. This is probably the most important resource you will have to use, so bookmark the website!

Academic Advising

If at any point in time you have a question about your class schedule, credits, graduation requirements, or anything of that nature, go to your academic advisor’s office! This one may be tricky to find as some colleges have a general academic advising office, while others have advisors for your specific school/major. Refer to your college’s registrar's office to find out how to reach out!

Career Center

Your college’s career center is a great place to start when looking for internships and job opportunities at your school and around the area. There are countless opportunities that are in store for you, regardless of your major. The career center also offers workshops and educational opportunities, such as workshops to improve your resume, interview practice, and so forth. Advising is also available if you need specific assistance with your career goals.

Scholarship Center

Probably one of the most important resources you will need during your time at your school, the scholarship center offers financial assistance for anyone who needs it! Many schools have hundreds of scholarships available for all kinds of students. The scholarship center also has information on private scholarships as well, such as the ones you can find right here on Fastweb! If you need help with any essays for scholarships, looking for options, and anything of that sort, the scholarship center is one of the best places to visit. As you can see, there are countless resources available to freshmen to help them ease into their new life. Your campus is here to support you, in any given situation. Don’t be afraid to look for help when you need it; your peers are probably in the same boat. Good luck in your first year of this new chapter of your life – you’ve got this!

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