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How to Get an Internship in College

Internships are a crucial part of being prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

Student Contributor, Jasmin Kaur

September 18, 2022

How to Get an Internship in College
A Student Contributor shares her advice on how to find an internship.
You've got the academics and social circle, but there's still something missing from the quintessential college experience– internships! While good grades demonstrate a dedicated personality and the ability to persevere, the employment side of things can become a bit lacking. To stand out among recent graduates, internships are a must! Below, I'll list four solid locations to complete your internship search, along with tips and tricks to land that dream position.

How to Find an Internship

  1. Fastweb

    Fastweb has numerous resources directed toward helping college students land that dream scholarship! You need to create a free account to get started, and once logged in, be sure to personalize your profile to receive tailored searches for internships that match what you're seeking.
    Another great feature is that you can save your searches, and Fastweb provides updates on newly posted positions and upcoming deadlines for saved postings. And while you're on Fastweb searching for internships, you can also keep an eye out for scholarships and part-time jobs to help you avoid the broke college student life!
  2. Handshake

    Handshake is perhaps one of the best websites out there when it comes to finding jobs and internships for college students. Its best feature is that it's geared towards helping recruiters and students connect and find what's suitable for them.
    Additionally, the platform is extremely versatile, allowing you to customize your searches from location, major, and company preferences. It also advertises your resume to potential employers if you are actively looking for a position. Top companies, such as Microsoft and Google, as well as major nonprofit organizations, all use Handshake to reach out to suitable applicants. You can also opt-in to receive periodic updates on newly posted internships. Get started today by creating a free account to find your next internship!
  3. Monster

    Monster is another top location to search for job opportunities and internships. While many people consider Monster to focus on jobs, it provides an equally high number of internship opportunities. Another bonus is the amount of flexibility Monster offers. You can look up internships by location (both physical and virtual) and upload your resume beforehand to apply right-away (though it is recommended to curate your resume for each position you apply to).
  4. LinkedIn

    Another great platform to utilize is LinkedIn. Again, as with Indeed, LinkedIn is often considered oriented towards professionals seeking a career change or new job, but it hosts an ample number of resources dedicated to helping college students find internships. Additionally, LinkedIn is a great foundation for forming a professional online presence and creating new opportunities for the future through networking. Simply create a free account (you can also link it with your school Gmail), and complete your profile to establish a polished, business countenance.
While the three platforms above provide a great structure for beginning the search for internships and networking opportunities, they should not constitute the entirety of your efforts. Another top resource to help you grow and develop your resume and remain actively involved in new experiences is your university's career center. College career centers provide a host of resources to help you succeed in finding and thriving at your internship, from creating or editing a resume to conducting mock internships. Furthermore, networking is another crucial aspect of finding the right internship to help you grow and develop your career skills. Being involved in on-campus clubs and organizations can allow you to connect with potential future employers and gain experience working with different groups of individuals. Being engaged solely within the confines of your chosen major can lead to limitation instead of specialization, while branching out and seeking opportunities outside of your intended career and academic study demonstrate a well-rounded individual to future employers. Working with something different (for example, going into the marketing sector as an English major or working with a nonprofit as a biology major) indicates a versatile character and ability to perform well in various situations. It also allows you to undergo new experiences and gain additional skills that can help you decide what career path to follow in the future. Also don't forget to reach out to your professors and current employer(s). Oftentimes, hesitance to inquire about a position can lead you to miss out on a fantastic role that not only spruces up your resume, but is also a rewarding experience in itself. If you want to work as a teacher assistant, don't be afraid to ask around and see if any professors are looking to hire one. Or, if you're wanting to do an internship in say the business sector, ask your manager or supervisor if they have any internship or shadowing opportunities available at your workplace. Remember that speaking up only indicates interest, not hostility. Being proactive in your efforts and utilizing the resources provided will make you stand out to companies and employers, landing you that ideal internship in no time!

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