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Start Your Summer Internship Search Now

We reveal four places high school and college students can look to find that amazing summer internship.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

January 17, 2023

Start Your Summer Internship Search Now
Need a summer internship? Start searching now!
Unbelievably, summer internship application deadlines are already passing you by, and if you are looking for a unique experience, you need to get in your summer internship program applications soon. Plenty of internship opportunities exist, for all ages—high school internships, undergraduate and graduate students can be summer interns.

Four Places to Start Your Internship Search Right Now

  1. Fastweb Internship Search Console

  2. In addition to providing scholarships that match your qualifications and interests, we provide you with internship matches too. We take the “search” out of your internship search and deliver a plethora of summer internship options; you never have to rely on a random Google search and comb through questionable training programs. Our research team does this for you! Check out the Fastweb Internship Directory to find internships that fit your career goals. Applying is simple. Just click the internship you’re interested in on your internship matches page, read the description and click the link to the internship provider’s website if you wish to apply. This list of top internships for students in 2023 has great internship options to pick from.
  3. College Career Center

  4. Your college career center is a great resource that can do a lot for you. Most career centers keep a database of internships that students at the school have previously worked. The university career center works with employers and companies that have hired interns from campus to build a network of highly motivated students looking for internships. Schedule a visit with a career counselor at your college. They’ll gauge your interests, career aspirations, and ideal location and help you find an opportunity that’s perfect for you.
  5. Friends and Family

  6. Ask your friends about internships they did this summer – do they have an opportunity they could recommend to you? Consider questioning your family members too. Chances are, they have internship opportunities at their place of business looking for hard-working, motivated interns like you next summer. Additionally, friends and family that suggest internship opportunities could also provide a recommendation. This type of personal recommendation would help you stand out from the potential intern pool.
  7. Local Companies

  8. This last opportunity will take a bit of cold calling on your part. Identify local businesses and corporations in your hometown or college town with career paths that interest you; call the human resources office about internship opportunities. If they do not have a structured internship program, they may be able to customize an intern experience for you. Calling shows that you are interested in an internship and their company as well—and flattery can go a long way in this game.

Tools to Help You Land an Internship

As you are submitting your internship applications, you will find these internship resources useful: 15 Top Skills Every Student Intern Should Have 8 Common Internship Interview Questions & How to Answer Cover Letter for Internship Sample Cover Letter and Resume Tips from Remote Jobs & Internships What is the Pathways Internship Program? Guidelines for Paid & Unpaid Internships

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