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Start Your Summer Internship Search Now

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Kathryn Knight Randolph

April 16, 2018

Start Your Summer Internship Search Now
Believe it or not, summer internship application deadlines are already passing you by, and if you’re looking for an opportunity that is a little more competitive, you need to start your applications ASAP. Here are four places to start your internship search right now: Fastweb
Not to toot our own horn, but in addition to supplying you with scholarships that match your qualifications and interests, we provide you with internship matches too. Essentially, we take the “search” out of your internship search and deliver a plethora of summer internship options, meaning you never have to touch an Internet search engine. These internships are targeted toward college and graduate students as well as graduates who may need an internship to bridge the gap between their past work experience and their first entry-level job. They cover quite a range of fields too, from career development programs with AT&T to a Newsroom Internship with MSNBC. Applying is simple. Just click the internship you’re interested in on your internship matches page, read the description and click the link to the internship provider’s website if you wish to apply.
College Career Center Didn’t even know your school had one? Here’s your chance to discover how much this facility can do for you. Typically, college career centers keep a database of internships that students at the school have previously worked.
From these past opportunities, the school works with employers to develop a further relationship, meaning future internships for students like you. Visit with a consultant at your college career center. They’ll gauge your interests, career aspirations and ideal location and help you find an opportunity that’s perfect for you. Friends and Family Ask your friends about internships they did this summer – do they have an opportunity they could recommend to you? Consider questioning your family members too. Chances are, they have internship opportunities at their place of business looking for hard-working, motivated interns like you next summer. Additionally, friends and family that suggest internship opportunities to you may be able to provide a recommendation, which could go a long way in helping you stand out from the growing potential intern pool. Local Companies This last opportunity will take a bit of cold calling on your part. Identify local businesses and corporations in your hometown or college town that have career paths that might interest you, and call the human resources office about internship opportunities. Even if they don’t have a structured program, they may be able to customize an internship experience for you. Calling at this point in the year shows that you’re not only interested in an internship but in their company as well. And flattery can go a long way in this game.

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