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Preparing for Internship Interview Questions

Navigate common internship interview questions by doing the prep work beforehand.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

November 29, 2023

Preparing for Internship Interview Questions
How to get an internship with your responses.
As you consider your plans for 2024, it may be in your best interest to seek out and secure an internship. Why? Because an internship can set you apart from your peers for future job opportunities. It’s also a great way for you to explore potential careers, develop relationships with possible mentors, and gain valuable work experience. At the same time, an internship could very well be your first real job, which means that the internship interview is likely your first ever interview. This can understandably cause apprehension and anxiety over how to get an internship, but the best antidote to both is preparation. Before the phone or in-person meeting, you should practice internship interview questions. Writing out and rehearsing your responses to these questions ahead of time will allow you to articulate your answers, commit them to memory, and answer them flawlessly on the big day.
As you prepare, take a look at our internship questions, and we’ll help you formulate answers that will impress hiring managers.

Common Internship Interview Questions

Why are you interested in an internship with our company?

Companies want interns who are excited about their mission and values and want to contribute to the company’s goals. You need to show that you’ve done your research with this answer. Think about your own career path and rehearse an answer that combines both your and the company’s goals.

What are your strengths?

If you’re one of those individuals that know your own strengths, write them down and include reasons why, so you can discuss them in the interview. However, if you have trouble assessing your own strengths, ask friends, family, and teachers or professors for their input. Their answers will help you formulate your own!

What are your weaknesses?

Firstly, it’s wise not to spin a “strength” that you consider a weakness, like “you work too hard” or you “can’t say no.” This is a chance for you to own up to your weaknesses. Perhaps you struggle with speaking your opinion or delegating work to others. Discuss how you believe this internship is a chance for you to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Tell us an accomplishment you are proud of?

Think back to your academic, extracurricular, or volunteer experiences. Is there an event or circumstance that sticks out to you? It can be overcoming a struggle, scoring a winning goal, or turning a poor grade into top marks. Talk about the experience as well as why you’re proud of yourself.

Tell us about a situation where you took a leadership role…

Leadership roles aren’t just limited to Student Government or Captain of an athletic team. A leadership role can be starting a business, philanthropy, or initiative on your own. It can also be as simple as heading up a group project or taking charge of an experience for you, your friends, or family.

What are you looking to learn from this internship?

Use this question to talk about your future career interests and path. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do after graduation, discuss the components of this internship that will help you figure that out. Also, rehearse what excites you about this internship; that will provide talking points for what you expect to learn.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

You don’t need to have specifics detailed here – or say that you plan to be working for that particular company. However, your answer should reflect that you’re a highly motivated person who is looking forward to how this internship will contribute to your future and working on a team with unique individuals in pursuit of the same goal.

Do you have any questions for us?

Don’t get stumped by this common last interview question. Interviewing for an internship requires more from you than just answers to their questions. Prepare yourself with our advice below.

Questions to Ask During Your Internship Interview

Nearly every interview will end with: “Do you have any questions for us?” As you figure out how to prepare, remember to develop your own list of questions to ask in an internship interview. Rachel Sharpe, Talent Acquisition Manager at Monster, states that, “It is important to bring questions to an interview because it shows that you have done research on the company, person, and role you are interviewing. That type of preparation says that an intern is taking initiative, is organized, and wants to put their best foot forward.” So, what type of questions should you ask? Sharpe continues, "Interns should be asking questions about the team, the project they will be working on, what the manager is looking for an intern, and what they are looking for this individual to accomplish at the end of the internship.” You could also ask a few of the following: • What is the onboarding process? • What do you enjoy about working for this company? • What does a typical day in this role look like? • Do you have any advice for a new intern in this role? • What does the path for a successful intern look like? As the interviewer answers these questions, take notes. Asking these questions isn’t just ceremonial; the answers will help you determine whether this internship is a good fit for you. After all, the point of an internship is two-fold: to contribute to the company’s goals and mission and to invest in yourself. At the end of the interview, you want to walk out knowing that you articulated your answers well, handled yourself with poise and confidence, and learned how this internship will contribute to your personal growth and future career path. Answering interview questions – and asking pertinent questions as well – will ensure your success. Create a free Fastweb profile to find internships! You can find opportunities to intern based upon your major and interests. Be sure to check out these helpful internship articles and tools below: Must-See Paid Internships for Students Fastweb’s Internship Directory Internship Cover Letter Sample

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