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Fastweb’s Internship Directory & 5 Internship Perks

Find internships that complement your major & understand why having an internship will give you a serious advantage.

Shawna Newman

July 22, 2021

Fastweb’s Internship Directory & 5 Internship Perks
As an intern you’ll build connections that will pay off.
For many students, getting the right grades is the most crucial element of school—high school student or college student. While this is true, there is another element of education that tends to be overlooked, way too often: the Internship experience.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a first-hand glimpse into a career field. Student interns can expect to learn the ins and outs of a particular business. Interns are expected to apply concepts and skills they may have learned in the classroom to enhance a company or business. Student interns should consider any internship experience to be an elite, hands-on learning opportunity.
The internship definition is broad and varies; the internship end game is to gain a holistic understanding of the workforce within a particular field or industry on a short-term basis. At the very least, college students should aim to have at least one internship under their belt before college graduation. Even Elon Musk, the Tesla and Space X CEO, benefited from an internship. According to a NDTV article, Musk had a paid summer internship where he “ to pitch new ideas to his bosses.”

Fastweb’s Internship Directory

In addition to being America’s favorite scholarship tool, Fastweb’s team also finds and researches internship opportunities for United States students. Below is a list of just a few internship categories we’ve put together: High School Internships Even high school students have the possibility to intern. This is a great way to help you decide if a college major is the right choice for you, too. Accounting Internships From Bank of America internships to cyber security internships, there are a lot of unique places for you to intern as an accounting student. Paid Internships Paid internships are not as plentiful as non-paid internships. If you find a paid internship that sparks your interest, be sure you practice internship interview questions and you know how to write a cover letter for an internship. Summer Internships Many companies use the summertime to launch their internship programs. Students should consider using their summer break to gain experience as an intern. STEM Internships You'd be surprised at how many internship programs in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics fields are available at companies you wouldn't expect. From mechanical engineering internships at Tesla or Lockheed Martin to data science internships at Netflix, there are a lot of possibilities for STEM students. Business Finance Internships Many big name business-finance companies offer internships throughout the year. From A Bank of America internship to a JP Morgan internship you'll have plenty of opportunities--even some remote internships--within this industry. Fashion Internships The fashion industry is very hard to get into. You almost have to know someone to break into this field, OR have had at least one fashion internship under your belt to get noticed. Healthcare Internships This field is not just for nurses or doctors. The healthcare industry needs a variety of employees to function properly, and to stay innovative. From IT internships and public health internships, this field has many internship options for many types of college majors. Women in STEM Internships There's a serious demand for more women within all areas of STEM. If you're a female looking to broaden your student learning experience, try a few STEM internships to find the perfect career fit. Social Media Internships Marketing internships also tend to fall under the social media realm. If you're looking to better understand how businesses use social media to promote and grow, consider one of these social intern options. Internships Near MeIf you're a student that would like to stay close to home or campus, you can look for internships close to where you're currently living. To find even more internships, high school and college students should create a free Fastweb profile to be matched to both scholarships and internships.

5 Reasons Why Every Student Should Have an Internship Experience

There are five distinct advantages and reasons internship programs are considered a vital part of the student experience:
  1. Being an intern is an important, and often overlooked, part of career planning. How do you really know the career you have decided on is the best fit for you? You try it out! There is another way to figure out what job you would enjoy or be the best at than the fun personality quizzes. These quizzes often use your characteristics to match you to college majors and/or professions. But as you grow, so does your personality. What you love doing as a high school senior, may not be the same as it will when you are a college student. Consider finding a variety of internships, so you can make the best career decision.
  2. You make valuable connections to industry leaders and experts. As an intern you’ll build networks that will pay off. Unpaid internships or paid, having connections with professionals gives you a reference edge. If you take your internship seriously and do your job well, these programs offer valuable references you can list when applying for that dream job after graduation.
  3. An internship will help you get in the door of those popular companies. Jobs at well-known businesses are typically harder to get for recent college grads. If you have big dreams of starting your career at NASA, Google, Apple, Chegg or even Disney, create a plan to fuel your goals; find NASA internships, a Google Internship, a Disney Internship, Apple internships or Chegg internships that support your master plan.
  4. You’ll learn and witness valuable lessons that you cannot learn inside of a classroom. Sometimes you must do to better understand. Internships fill in the blanks to business and industry concepts that your textbooks just cannot cover.
  5. Your resume will shine, and you’ll stand out amongst the competition. Experience will help you get the job you want. Listing your internship duties on your resume will push it to the top of the stack of potential candidates.
Ready to apply for an internship? Check out this cover letter for an internship sample to ensure your cover letter is the best it can be.

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