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The 20+ Best Student Deals and Discounts This Year

Your student ID is the key to serious perks!

Shawna Newman

March 10, 2021

Students can save money on big-brand products and services, but you must know where to look first. Before you buy, check to see if a student discount is available. Use your student ID to the max!
The 20+ Best Student Deals and Discounts This Year
In addition to the student benefit of scholarships, there’s one huge retail secret students and their parents don’t know about—thousands of student deals and discounts available just for scholars. Unfortunately, few students know about these special discounts and money saving opportunities. These savings add up too; 10 dollars or 15 percent saved here and there can help both high school and college students save money. Whether that’s saving your cash to help you to pay for school, purchasing your first car, supporting your weekly take-out habits, padding your savings account, or funding that after-pandemic, vacation getaway with friends that we all so desperately need. Student deals are there for you to use, and you don't need a 3.0 GPA to get your hands on these offers. In fact, there are so many hidden bargains out there that these deals have fueled the creation of several Student Discount Reddits.
In addition to Fastweb’s Student Deals, here’s a list of the 20+ best student discount programs this year, by category:


  1. Apple Student Discount
  2. According to Business Insider, students can save up to $100 on an iPad and $200 on MacBooks. Educator discounts are also available.
  3. Best Buy Student Discount
  4. From computers and video games to dorm room necessities like the mini fridge, you’ll get special pricing, a percentage off your purchase, and free, next-day delivery on many Best Buy items.
  5. Dell Student Discount
  6. Dell University offers instant $100 savings off a selection of their education PCs, including price cuts on their Alienware Gaming Desktop and other laptops.


  7. Adobe Student Discount
  8. Students save more than 60 percent on Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Education. You get 20 apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and Acrobat Pro for only $19.99, monthly. This includes 100GB of cloud storage, too.
  9. Microsoft Student Discount
  10. Office 365 is free for students and includes popular programs like Word Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams. You’ll also get 1TB of Microsoft cloud storage via OneDrive. Education pricing is available for teachers as well.
  11. Grammarly Free Service
  12. While there’s no official student discount, scholars of all ages have access to Grammarly’s free service. Use Grammarly as a Chrome extension or their app to check your scholarship essays or your writing assignments.


  13. Spotify Student Discount
  14. Every student needs access to music and podcasts with the ability to create custom playlists. Spotify is currently offering a Spotify Premium Student deal that includes Hulu and SHOWTIME for only $4.99 per month. This three-package deal will save your more than $21 per month!
  15. Apple Music Student Discount
  16. Using your .edu email address you can get an Apple Music student subscription for four years for $4.99 per month. You’ll also have access to Apple TV+ for a limited time while on the student plan.
  17. Audible Student Discount
  18. After verifying your student status, students can have a monthly audible subscription for $9.95. This 30% savings includes a $10 credit, too! Students that love to read will get three titles per month and free audiobook exchanges.


  19. Hulu Student Discount
  20. Stream your favorite shows and movies for $1.99 per month. This 65 percent discount is valid for as long as you’re a college student. The only kick to this plan is you’ll have to endure the ads—but totally worth it for only $24 per year!
  21. Netflix Student Discount
  22. According to Group Blog On, students can get the standard monthly subscription plan for $12.99. You’ll have access to stream unlimited movies and Netflix originals, like Ginny and Georgia, on two screens at the same time.
  23. Amazon Prime Student Discount or Amazon Discount
  24. If you’re new to Prime and a full-time student, you will get six months free via their trial program. After that, your student Prime membership will be half the price it is for non-student accounts. For $6.49 a month you’ll get Prime Deliver, Prime Video, Amazon Photos, Prime Music and more.


  25. Nike Student Discount
  26. United States high school and college students can get a 20 percent discount, every 30 days on most Nike items.
  27. Gymshark Student Discount
  28. Students can get a 10 percent discount on the latest gym wear and workout clothing.
  29. Adidas Student Discount
  30. Receive a 30 percent, student discount and free shipping on Adidas branded clothing and shoes.


  31. Amtrak Student Discount
  32. Get to your destination via train and help the environment with student-ticket discounts up to 25 percent off. You’ll want to check the Amtrack website as the discounts range by region. Students also have access to free WiFi and charging access on most trains.
  33. Greyhound
  34. Students can book a trip and save 10 percent on Greyhound bus travel. Students have the option to ship items via bus transport and save 15 percent. Their shipping service also includes a 50 percent savings on your college move.
  35. StudentUniverse
  36. This travel site offers students 26-years old or younger multiple, student-only discounts on cheap flights, hotels and tours.


  37. ASOS
  38. This fashion site offers male, female and gender-neutral collections in a variety of sizes. You can save on the ASOS brand with a 10 percent student savings. This offer is not currently active:
  39. Urban Outfitters
  40. Using a student-verified UNiDAYS account college students have access to a 10 percent discount on the Urban Outfitters clothing brand.
  41. American Eagle
  42. University and college students can receive a 20 percent discount on both store purchases and online purchases through their UNiDAYS account.

Bonus Student Bargains

In addition to the above deals there are several unique bonus deals worth mentioning. The New York Times offers a student subscription for only $4 per month. You’ll also have access to their NYTimes app. If you have a car and are looking for insurance coverage, State Farm offers a Good Student Discount in some states. You will, however, need to obtain good grades in order to qualify for this savings offer. Decorate your room, dorm room or apartment by supporting artists. Society6 offers one-of-a-kind items such as furniture, wall art, clothes and more. Their student discount is a whopping 25 percent savings!

How to Get a Student Discount

There are two basic methods to get a student discount.
  1. Ask if a local store offers special student discounts.
  2. Many college-town restaurants, video game resale stores and boutiques offer college student discounts—this is the businesses’ way of showing student support. Be proud to be frugal, and don’t be afraid to ask. Most student discounts are not prominently displayed. Negotiation and frugality are both life skills that will serve you throughout your education and later in life!
  3. Always have your student ID on you and know your student email address.
  4. You’ll often need some sort of student identification to prove your student status: Typically, this can be a valid student ID, high school or college. If you’re shopping online, you may need to verify your status with your high school or college email address.
In some instances, well-known retailers use an identification verification service such as UNiDAYS is also a discount website that requires a verified student ID. In addition to the above student savings, be sure to create a free Fastweb profile. From this you’ll be matched to scholarships that fit you; in a way, scholarships are serious college sticker-price discounts. You’ll also gain access to Fastweb’s Student Deals each month.

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