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The Hottest New Trend: Indoor Plants, Reasons You Need a Few

Find out why your office or study space needs some plant life and the easiest plants to get--even for the students without a "green thumb." BONUS: follow-worthy Instagram & TikTok accounts of serious plant people!

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

March 10, 2021

The Hottest New Trend: Indoor Plants, Reasons You Need a Few
In one day, plants can remove 87 percent of toxins from indoor air!
For those of you who frequent social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you’ve likely encountered the hottest new trend taking the world by storm: indoor plants! With much of the past year spent sequestered in our homes, it’s no wonder that there’s a renewed interest in redecorating our homes and the work or study spaces we occupy. One of the best ways to curate a productive and inviting study area is with indoor plants! From aesthetic value to health benefits, indoor plants truly have it all. They are the newest way of boosting our productivity by creating a motivating and warm office space. In this article, we’re going to touch on the many reasons why you should get indoor plants, which plants are best for different environments, and cool social media accounts for you to get some plant-decorating inspiration!

Why You Should Get a Few Indoor Plants

  1. Boosting Productivity
  2. Indoor plants have soared in popularity because of how useful they are in encouraging productivity. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, indoor plants bring a sense of peace to a workspace that allows for increased concentration and engagement, making them perfect for working or studying from home.
    Students struggling to concentrate on their schoolwork at home: try adding some indoor plants to your study space to jumpstart your motivation and productivity.
  3. Easy to Care For
  4. A significant reason why indoor plants are sometimes overlooked in home decor or office spaces, is because they are thought to be hard to care for. This could not be further from the truth! Many indoor plants are very easy to grow, with some even thriving without water or sunlight. Even those with a “black thumb” will find indoor plants that they can keep alive. Depending on how much time and energy you have to care for your plants, the perfect indoor plant is out there somewhere! In the next section, I’ll introduce some extremely, easy-to-care-for plants.
  5. Health Benefits
  6. In addition to their aesthetic value, indoor plants have many health benefits. There’s the increased concentration that I mentioned earlier, but plants can also remove about 87 percent of toxins from indoor air—in just one day. Different plants remove different toxins, but they all result in a cleaner and healthier living atmosphere.

Four Low-Maintenance Plants

The majority of indoor plants require little care, but you should find plants that work for your specific lifestyle.
Pothos Vine The Pothos Vine is dubbed the “devil’s ivy” for its ability to thrive even in pitch-black and inconsistent watering environments. This beautiful plant is perfect for those with fast-paced lifestyles, as it requires almost no care at all, except for the occasional watering whenever you have time. Aloe Spruce up your living or working room with a pot of aloe! This clean plant prefers indirect sunlight, so place it on a desk or coffee table where you can water it weekly. My family has a few pots of aloe on our countertops, away from the windows. In addition to its minimalistic look, aloe has quite a lot of health benefits. Cut a little bit of the plant’s tops get the juice inside, which works wonders on burns and promotes clear skin. Jade Plant In my opinion, the jade plant is one the cutest decorations for your desk or nightstand. The colors are absolutely vibrant, and the pebbles in the pot add to the overall aesthetic. Jade plants are adept at going about a month or so without water or any attention, making it a very low-maintenance plant. Simply place near a source of sunlight and let the plant brighten up your study area! Christmas Cactus In all honesty, any cacti plant would make for a fantastic addition to your office space as they require no attention at all. However, this specific species of cactus produces white, pink, purple, or red flowers year-round, adding a little color to your space. There are so many other low-maintenance indoor plants out there just waiting to spruce up your desk or study space. I encourage you to go out and find a plant that speaks to you and give it a new home!

Instagram & TikTok Plant-Care Accounts to Follow

There are many other accounts both on TikTok and Instagram full of plant inspiration and tips! Instagram Plant Experts @sweetyoxalis This Instagrammer coined the hashtag #plantsmakepeoplehappy, and she isn’t wrong! Justine, the person behind the account, shares her plants and tips on how to take care of your plants. @theplantsociety This Instagram account offers a lot of inspiration on how to arrange your indoor plants in an aesthetic manner. Their photos show everything from plants overflowing a cupboard to a few, delicately placed on a desk. @asucculentday @Asucculentday may focus more on succulents, but really, they’re just as aesthetic and beautiful! If you’re looking for some inspiration on succulents, check out this Instagram account. TikTok Plant Experts @hanginghouseplants Created by Brian Atchue, this TikTok account is full of tips and tricks on properly caring for plants and using them to accentuate your home or office space. His indoor plants are a little more extravagant than a simple pot on your desk but beautiful nonetheless! @daniellebennink Danielle Bennink is a self-proclaimed “plant lady photographer human” whose TikToks feature her plants, as well as the plants she hopes to own one day. Use her account for inspiration in arranging your plants as well as caring for them. Hopefully, this article has inspired you to go out and get your own plants to make your study or workspace the most productive it can be.

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