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Students Will Travel the World with These TikTok Accounts

Break free from the ordinary: Our student contributor shares 6 TikTok accounts that will have you feeling like an explorer.

Student Contributor, Aleena Islam

January 12, 2021

Students Will Travel the World with These TikTok Accounts
Globetrot via TikTok!
The winter holidays looked quite a bit different this year. With the pandemic halting most travel, the winter vacations and family trips we look forward to all year may not have happened. After being stuck at home for the majority of this past year, it can be easy to sink into the winter blues. However, for those of you globe trotters out there, here are some fun and creative ways for students to explore the world from the safety and comfort of home! Below are popular TikTok accounts with a focus on travel, whether it be international cuisine or different cultures. Browse through these accounts to find a fun way to explore the world!

International Cuisine TikToks

One of the best ways to experience a new culture or area is to indulge in the unique cuisine of the area. The following TikTok accounts all aim to teach viewers easy and delicious recipes from all over. A fun way to try the dishes of multiple countries is to make it a weekly tradition! Dedicate Fridays to preparing a meal of international origins and have fun with all the possibilities! Here are some wonderful TikTok accounts with a focus on international cuisine:

  2. Professional chef, Adam Witt is a TikToker with an emphasis on international cuisine. He guides viewers through all kinds of recipes, from the savory Greek pie (spanakopita) and creme fraiche (a French delicacy), to his unique trend of putting all kinds of foods into his waffle machine. Take a look at this account if you’re looking to get a taste of some other cultures.

  4. A college student getting a degree in Italian, Jeremy Scheck is a food TikToker dedicated to teaching viewers to make authentic Italian dishes and how to pronounce each ingredient correctly.
    Making everything from salads to cookies, @Scheckeats is the perfect stop for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine and those looking to travel to Italy.

Calling all aficionados of Mexican food! Jenny Martinez’s account is a one-stop-shop for all types of authentic Mexican dishes. Follow along with her super easy videos and make some tamales, red enchiladas, polvorones, a special Mexican sugar cookie, and so much more! All her recipes are flavorful and simple enough for any beginner chef to follow.

Hidden Travel Gems

Look no further for hidden gems and underrated must-see locations for your next trip to almost anywhere! I know that when I can’t travel, I usually like to busy myself by planning potential future vacations. If you’re like me, then try satisfying your inner explorer by finding hidden gems to potentially visit once travel has resumed. These TikToks are great sources for unique travel destinations:

  2. Spend the time during this pandemic by discovering some cool, crazy, must-see locations with @Kristinacors! She covers all kinds of tourist locations, from a series on crazy hotel rooms around the world and locations that influenced Disney movies. Find your next crazy destination spot with this account.

  4. You'll find a creative way to sitesee with this TikTok account, which follows van-lifer Dani Rodriguez! Living in a campervan and traveling the U.S., Dani documents her transition to van life and her travels through via TikTok. In addition to showing unique spots to visit in the U.S. and beautiful sights, she also gives tips to future van-lifers!

Sometimes, when traveling is not an option, all we can do is watch videos of the most stunning places in the world. @SennaRelax is a relaxing TikTok account with spectacular videos of sights in Switzerland, Austria, the Maldives and so many more. Even if travel to these places is limited, we can at least witness some beautiful sights across the globe with this account. Hopefully, for those of you who miss traveling and exploring new places as I do, these TikTok accounts help you experience the world from your own home! Try a dish from a new culture or plan out your next road-trip across the U.S. using tips from a van-lifer!

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