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21 Shows to Stream in 2021

Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, YouTube TV and more, our student contributor provides plenty of new shows to stream. A few of these may even fuel your new-year, new-you goals!

Student Contributor, Lydia Schultz

January 07, 2021

21 Shows to Stream in 2021
This list is binge-watch proof.
Another year is over and a new one is upon us. As midnight struck not too long ago, I’m sure we were all gladly walking 2020 out the door and welcoming in 2021. 2021 is the fresh start that we all desperately need, and with all the binge-watching that many of us have done the past year, new shows are fun to watch too! Take a look at the top 21, new-you worthy shows that are guaranteed to be a perfect start to the new year.
  1. The Queen's Gambit: Netflix

  2. The hottest new show on Netflix is a historical drama taking place during the Cold War, featuring a female orphan (Anya-Taylor Joy) on a mission to become the world’s best chess player. It currently has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Barack Obama has this listed as one of his favorite shows of 2020.
  3. Self Made: Netflix

  4. This Netflix original series is an empowering drama that is based upon the life of Madam C.J. Walker, who was the first self-made Black millionaire. Octavia Spencer, who plays the female entrepreneur, is incredibly captivating and this show is a must-watch for 2021.
  5. Get Organized with The Home Edit: Netflix

  6. Calling all aspiring interior designers! This new home organization reality show features professionals Clea and Johanna, who goes into real celebrities’ homes - like Reese Witherspoon and Khloe Kardashian - and gives them a fresh new look.
  7. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: Netflix

  8. Another must-see for decluttering enthusiasts; renowned Japanese organizing consultant Marie Condo showcases her innovative methods for revamping a home and gives her audience a unique perspective on the importance of minimalism.
  9. Dear White People: Netflix

  10. This American-comedy drama is a unique blend of satirical humor and eye-opening perspectives of today’s racially unjust society. Based in a predominantly white university, this show follows the lives of several Black students and highlights important social issues.
  11. Love, Victor: Hulu

  12. Hulu presents a heartfelt love story between two gay teens, which is the spinoff TV show of the movie Love, Simon. It’s produced by the leading actor of the original movie, Nick Robinson.
  13. Never Have I Ever: Netflix

  14. Never Have I Ever is perhaps the best new binge-show for teens out now. It tells a hilarious and equally relatable coming-of-age story of a first-generation Indian-American teen produced by The Office star, Mindy Kaling, as well as Lang Fisher.
  15. Our Planet: Netflix

  16. While traveling the world and visiting new places still isn’t a safe possibility, immersing ourselves virtually in beautiful landscapes is. Netflix’s documentary highlights the ethereal beauty found on Earth while exposing the climate change dilemma.
  17. Eater’s Guide to the World: Hulu

  18. Discover delicious culinary dishes around the world right from the comfort of your home! Warning: Do not watch this on an empty stomach.
  19. Nurses: Hulu

  20. While this medical drama is by no means an accurate reflection of reality, it may offer insight into the lives of medical workers who are working tirelessly to fight the pandemic.
  21. Explained: Netflix

  22. This show provides facts on topics that we’ve always wondered about in 30-minute (or less) episodes.
  23. The Mind Explained: Netflix

  24. Psychology, anyone? This educational and highly fascinating show is narrated by Emma Stone herself.
  25. Cosmos: Possible Worlds: Disney+, Hulu

  26. This National Geographic original is a must-watch for anyone even remotely curious about what’s out there—beyond our atmosphere.
  27. Emily In Paris: Netflix

  28. Lily Collins becomes a girl boss icon while rocking ultra-chic outfits and strutting the streets of Paris. Need I say more?
  29. Fresh Off the Boat: Hulu

  30. Fresh Off the Boat offers a humorous look into the daily lives of a Taiwanese family adjusting to their new home in America.
  31. Tiger King: Netflix

  32. There’s often a good reason behind being one of the most talked about shows of 2020—and if you still don’t know why, it’s time to find out.
  33. Brain Games: Disney+

  34. National Geographic presents eight seasons of entertaining lessons on psychology. Prepare to have your mind blown.
  35. Girl Boss: Netflix

  36. Britt Robertson helps us all tap into our inner, girl boss to crush 2021.
  37. Life Below Zero: Disney+

  38. As we enter January, it’s natural to be completely over cold weather; however, this show is a reminder that it could be much worse.
  39. Drain the Oceans: Disney+

  40. What lies beneath the depths of our planet’s oceans? Find out in this intriguing National Geographic special.
  41. The Office: Peacock and YouTube TV

The list wouldn’t be complete without a classic show; this comedy series was renewed for nine seasons and has won five Emmys. Although it recently left Netflix at the end of December 2020, it is still available on Peacock and YouTube TV for streaming.

Here’s to 2021!

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