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Fastweb's Student Contributor Program Concludes: Year in Review

Elizabeth Hoyt

May 01, 2017

Fastweb's Student Contributor Program Concludes: Year in Review
As the 2016-2017 Student Contributors program ends, we’d like to recap the success of this year’s program, highlighting some important content that students contributed to Fastweb.
As the academic year winds down, so does Fastweb’s Student Contributor series, which was a great success thanks to our team of talented student writers who contributed to the program. The annual series allows students to gain insight on important student topics through their peers, who share their experiences of daily student life. Each year, Fastweb’s Student Contributor series features articles written by a team of students, who are also Fastweb users, on student-related experiences and issues. Students contribute content, which allows our Fastweb members to discover, learn from and relate to other students of all ages who are going through the college admissions process, student life and student issues that matter most to today’s students. In turn, student contributors are able to take on an opportunity to gain writing experience, work with an editorial team and gain experience within web publishing. Our team of student writers chooses their own topics which focus on whatever is happening within their academic, social or extracurricular lives. The opportunity to become a Fastweb Student Contributor was extended to Fastweb users who have career interests in creative writing, journalism, news media, publishing and related fields.
As the 2016-2017 program ends, we’d like to recap the success of this year’s program, highlighting some important content that students contributed to Fastweb. We’re so proud of the hard work, diligence and accomplishments made by the 2016-2017 Student Contributors team! The team consisted of four high school and college students -- all of whom are strong writers, extremely qualified, motivated and talented and demonstrated these attributes within their work over the past year.
We’d like to highlight the team below (note: all names listed are in alphabetical order), along with some of their recent contributions:
Ashley Cheak, High School Senior, Stivers School for the Arts
We know senior year of high school isn’t easy but Ashley sure made it seem like a breeze! We’re lucky she was willing to share her college admissions experiences so that other students could learn from her process. We appreciated learning about Ashley’s last year of high school and are ready to see where she heads next.
Check out Ashley’s most recent article contributions:
Waiting to Hear from Colleges
Why Communication is Key in College Planning
Making Decisions: Life After High School
India Miraglia, High School Senior, Paul V. Moore High School
We enjoyed experiencing the rollercoaster that is senior year of high school via India’s article contributions throughout the year. Through India, students were able to learn more about the college application and admissions process and how to prepare accordingly. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her in college this fall. Check out India’s most recent article contributions:
Why It’s Important to Add Volunteer Work to Your Resume
College Visits 101
How to Deal When Waitlisted
McKenzie Nevins, College Junior, Taylor University
This was Kenzi’s third year as a Fastweb contributor. We loved experiencing the past year at Taylor University via her articles (and all the prior years as well) and look forward to following her success throughout her college career. Check out Kenzi’s most recent article contributions:
How to Get Involved on Campus during the Winter Months
Student Stress Busters
The Final Days: Ending Your College Career
Ashley Paskill, College (Super) Senior, Temple University
This was Ashley’s second year contributing to Fastweb’s Student Contributor program. Ashley has always maintained a strong student voice and we’re certain that students benefited from her unique understanding of student life and all of her college experiences. Check out Ashley’s most recent article contributions:
Spring Break Budget Tips
5 Simple Student Stress Relief Tips
5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Major
This concludes the 2016-2017 edition of Fastweb’s Student Contributor team. We couldn’t be more proud of each student’s accomplishments and we enjoyed reading (and re-reading) each and every article created by these clever minds. Each year, Fastweb works to enhance the overall learning experience for our student contributors, allowing the exciting opportunity to learn more about the editorial and web publishing processes, in addition to improving writing skills. Moreover, becoming part of Fastweb’s Student Contributor series is an invaluable opportunity for each student to gain writing experience, become published and exposure to a large audience. Stay tuned for next year’s program, as we’ll have some fresh faces you’ll enjoy getting to know. If you’re interested in becoming a student contributor, keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be recruiting some new students to contribute next year via email and social media. You can also read more about each of the 2016-2017 Fastweb Student Contributors through their profiles on Fastweb’s Student Contributors page, which also includes links to each of their articles as they’re published.

Want more? View an entire list of the all of our Student Contributors’ articles.

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