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Making Decisions: Life after High School

Ashley Cheak

April 11, 2017

Making Decisions: Life after High School
Everything is ultimately about remaining focused on goals: both long term and short term.
The time has come to officially decide on life after high school, whether college or something else. Perhaps this is also the time to cope with any senioritis you may be experiencing. It’s a new age! You’re coming into yourself and recognizing what you truly do/do not want to do with your life. Allow yourself to fully process all that you are feeling. There are tons of people who are willing to help, and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. There are also tons of students feeling the same exact way. It’s a time for you to recognize personal power and how you want to pursue the next part of your life. It’s also an exciting time to see how you develop as an individual.
If you’re considering college, but worried about financing all of it, there are programs available to help you budget everything out. Depending on where you go and your living spaces, it may be important to consider putting money aside for food and personal items. Every college is different. Everything is ultimately about remaining focused on goals: both long term and short term. It’s important to use resources essential to your growth, even if it may not seem like it immediately.
On Fastweb’s main college article page, there are hundreds of articles regarding scholarship and general career information. There are even internships available if you do not want to immediately rush into a college program. Remember, no matter what you do or where you go, you have immense power and there will always be people to help.

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