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Why Communication is Key in College Planning

Ashley Cheak

March 08, 2017

Why Communication is Key in College Planning
During the college process, communication is vital to your success.
Communication is key when it comes to any definitive and influential college decision(s) and/or progress. This is true whether with family, friends or a school counselor.
Communication can constitute as a wide variety of things, such as:
• Family dinner discussions regarding a college, FAFSA/Financial issues or planning family road trips for college visits
• Friends talking about their college choices (and how everyone may go different paths, majors and aspirations for the world, etc.)
• Counselors handing out scholarship information, pamphlets and resume opportunities for you to consider or discussing the possibility of taking advanced courses to offset some semester costs
It’s also important to establish good, positive connections with people who have gone to college and can explain to you what to expect as well, especially with the major you’re interested in.
Although these choices will help shape your ultimate college decision and what option is best for you financially and socially…
…the most important person you must communicate with is yourself!
What is the one thing you truly can see yourself doing? Helping people? Art? Perhaps consider how you feel in groups: would you rather be working alongside other people your whole life, or be in a work place where you are independent and only sometimes rely on others If you aren’t sure on this, then at least consider locations. Do you prefer cold or warmth? Big colleges, medium, or small? However, it could even be argued: Does location really matter when it comes to financing your education? There are definitely a lot of factors to consider. In all of this, though, it is important to consider that sometimes being independent is the best option. Only you will truly know what will make you happy even if you must stand alone.

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