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Why It’s Important to Add Volunteer Work to Your Resume

India Miraglia

February 09, 2017

Why It’s Important to Add Volunteer Work to Your Resume
Discover the importance of adding volunteer work and community service to your resume.
Building a resume for college and future careers is one of the most important actions a person in high school can take. A good resume could propel you to the top of the list while a bad one could take you out of the game completely. One important part of a resume that is often looked is the community service and volunteer section.
Why is it important? Like most parts of a resume, it is a way to showcase your skills, experience, and expertise.
According to Michigan State University Extension, volunteer hours allow you to show your work ethic without having a professional job or previous career, as it is hard for many high schoolers to find time to fit work into their schedules. They are also a unique way to show your interests; by volunteering you show what you are passionate about and what you care enough about to spend time on. How to volunteer...
Start locally. Any town, anywhere, will have at least one person who needs your service. If volunteering is something you are really passionate about you can look for summer programs or out of country experiences, but don't feel pressured to do anything big. One person can make a difference and, no matter how small, it matters. The most important part? You should give your time and help to something you love. Although, volunteering is a crucial part of a resume, do not volunteer just for the hours and recognition. Assist a cause, person, or organization that matters to you. Volunteering can be a fun and great way to spend a day. It will always matter for your resume; just make sure it also matters to you.

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