Student Life

Waiting to Hear from Colleges

Ashley Cheak

February 08, 2017

Waiting to Hear from Colleges
Suggestions to fill your time while waiting to hear back from colleges.
It’s that critical time of year again to play the waiting game with your top colleges. It’s important to establish a financial plan as well as enjoy free time while waiting to hear back. First, congratulate yourself! You put in YEARS of work through high school: endless nights of hard studying and cramming… During this time, you can:
• Reevaluate interests
• Consider location
• Get a job/ continue working
• Talk with Parents and admissions counselors
• Apply for scholarships
…and of course keep yourself busy with standard school work. While waiting you can calculate results, or simply enjoy the last few months. It helps to recognize that the end of high school is the last bit of freedom from the work world and responsibilities with little leeway.
However, high school can also act as a way to create connections and fully explore interests. For example: you’re able to challenge yourself without repercussions and having to change an entire major. If you want to try out ceramics, do it. Maybe you’ll love it! If not, try something else. Even if you have the smallest of interests in a subject, still try it out. It may turn into your major faster than you think. It’s the time for community service and finalizing any portfolios for further financial assistance. Ultimately, these few months can act as a reflection of how you have changed as a person. In all of this, don’t forget to enjoy the freedom that high school offers. Perhaps this time will allow you to reflect on how you have or have not changed as a person.

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