Gear Up for National College Decision Day

There's a lot to consider before you make your final college decision, and May 1st is just around the corner. We've gathered a list of helpful resources to help you prepare for the big, college decision day.

Shawna Newman

April 07, 2023

Gear Up for National College Decision Day
This is a BIG deal, seniors!
May 1st is National Decision Day in the United States, which means the pressure is on for high school seniors to make final college and university decisions. National college decision day is a deadline the Class of 2023 has been preparing for since their junior school year! In 2015 this monumental day for high school seniors across the U.S. was declared “National College Signing Day” by former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Obama continues to support this initiative to celebrate the college decisions from students, even in 2022. With much anticipation, students, families, college admissions officers, and even school district teachers, have been anxiously awaiting this big day. Cue the unique, decision day celebrations. Be confident and ready to make yourself proud as you begin your freshman year at your university, community college, or trade school!
If you haven’t made your college decision yet, that’s ok. We’ve curated a guide of articles that include pros and cons, financial aid tips, and more, to help make your final college decision easier.
  1. 3 Signs You’re Ready to Commit
  2. If you can easily answer these common questions, you've already made your college decision. Find out what these questions are and if you're ready to commit to a college.
  3. Determine the REAL Value of Your Higher Education Choices
  4. Discover ROI (Return on Investment) tricks to use when choosing a college to attend. Use these questions to determine what college from your list is the best value (smartest decision) for you.
  5. Taking the College Search to Social Media
  6. If you're having a hard time making a college decision, try these sneaky social media tricks.
  7. 10 Completely False College Myths
  8. Don't let these false ideas influence your university choice. Find out what you might not want to worry about when making that BIG decision.
  9. Narrowing Down Your College List
    A high school student provides four aspects you can use to help you make the best college choice.
  10. Questions to Ask About Your Financial Aid Package
  11. Ask these nine questions about each financial aid package you receive from colleges. Doing this will help you make the best, most financially responsible college decision for yourself (and your future).
  12. Accepted! 5 Steps to Take Now
  13. Now that you've been accepted, you should do these five things to make the best college choice.
  14. College Rejection Letters and Wait Lists: Moving Forward
  15. If you didn't get an acceptance letter from your top-choice college or made it to the waitlist, find out how to move forward and stay college bound.
Parents and family members are excited too; there are certainly to-do's you can get started on as your child gets ready to head to college. Better Make Room is the organization behind organizing a national celebration of your higher education decision. This year they’re inviting your school and community to join in on the occasion by using the hashtags #CollegeSigningDay and #BetterMakeRoom when you share your college choice.

Paying for College

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