Weird College Majors: 2024 Edition

They may be weird college majors, but they’re also legitimate fields of study that are offering scholarships to students.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

June 17, 2024

Weird College Majors: 2024 Edition
Could your future field of study be featured below?
The world is constantly evolving, and for that reason, so are college majors. Fields of study that are now mainstream were once considered weird. After all, who knew hundreds of years ago that dental implants, known as Implantology in the academic world, were even possible? At Fastweb, we have been researching the newest – and maybe most weird college majors – because in this reality of a changing world, we must stay on top of scholarships for the latest fields of study.

Weird College Majors

Farrier Science

Where you can get the degree: Hocking College
Farrier science is the trained study of trimming and shoeing horses of all breeds. Students in this field of study will learn how to remove an old shoe, clean out dead material, and remove extra hoof growth. They also learn about the care and handling of horses, gait analysis, and nutrition. Most farriers are self-employed. That’s why schools like Hocking College encourage students to study business as well. With this dual-study, graduates are equipped to not only do their job but also run a business.

Brewing Science

Where you can get the degree: Auburn University
Craft beers are on the rise, and so is the need for brewing masters who understand the science behind the process. Brewing science introduces students to the production process, finishing and packaging techniques, product analysis, and brewing facility operations. Degree programs in this field range from Associate’s to Master’s degree. Careers in this field range from assistant brewer to cellar manager to master brewer.

Arctic Studies

Where you can get the degree: University of Alaska -- Fairbanks
Arctic studies examines the regions of the Arctic and Circumpolar North. It covers a wide range of topics, including indigenous culture, international relations, and environmental concerns. This weird major pulls from a variety of disciplines, like anthropology, biology, history, literature, art, geography and political science. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Arctic Studies; however, Master’s degrees are available in this field for more advanced study.

Human-Centered Technology Design

Where you can get the degree: University of Washington This weird major is on the rise as our society continues to depend on technology in virtually every area of our lives. Students will learn how to design technology so that it is relatable, useful, and supportive of human activity. This field of study is open to college students as a Bachelor’s degree and grad students as a Master’s.

Computer Game Programming

Where you can get the degree: Lamar University Computer game programmers are also on the rise as computer gaming spreads across a variety of platforms, like mobile, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. These majors solve problems with logic, create code for programs, and improve existing functions. Computer programmers can start their career after completing an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree.

Casino Dealing

Where you can get the degree: Anne Arundel Community College Becoming a casino dealer is all about learning casino games, but it also includes customer entertainment and interaction training. Students can receive a certification for this weird major but may also need to prepare and complete a state licensure, depending on where they will live and work.

Online Educator

Where you can get the degree: University of Missouri It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together that the last two years has seen an increase in the need for online educators. Many in-person programs have made the switch to virtual instruction permanently because of the ease and flexibility that it provides to students. Online educators can find a variety of jobs, like a part-time language instructor to full-time professor. Online educator degree programs will look very much like a standard Education major. There may, however, be classes that are geared toward the logistics and planning that go into online instruction.

Motorsports Engineering Technology

Where you can get the degree: Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis IUPUI is the only university to offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Motorsports Engineering, and they are perfectly located to offer this weird major in the heart of Indianapolis, which hosts the Indy 500. They also provide a Master’s degree for those seeking further instruction. During their study, students will learn engineering skills along with vehicle dynamics, aerodynamics, and data acquisition.

3D Modeling and Design Technology

Where you can get the degree: Platt College – San Diego This weird major is a blend of artistry and technology. Students in this major will design hard surfaces and organic models for games, virtual reality, augmented film, feature film, advertising, and product visualization. Graduates from this field of study go on to become 3D modelers, texture artists, and lighting artists.

Wind Energy Technology

Where you can get the degree: Moraine Park Technical College Each year, we are relying more and more on wind technology to power electrical grids of various sizes. With that, there is an increasing need for technicians who can build, maintain, and service wind turbines. Most wind energy technology programs can be completed with an Associate’s Degree.

Infectious Disease and Global Health

Where you can get the degree: Stanford University While this weird major isn’t exactly new, it’s definitely newsworthy. The COVID-19 pandemic brought to light just how important infectious disease and global health experts are to every facet of our lives, whether we realized it in 2019 or not. This field of study ranges in degrees from a Bachelor’s to a Doctorate, and you’ll find this major at some of the top universities in the country.


Where you can get the degree: University of Maryland Thanatology is the study of death, which makes it worthy of being called a weird major. However, in practice, it can actually be applied to a variety of careers. From health care to psychology, the study of death will help students in this field care for those in the end stages of life or help those left behind to process their grief. Thanatology majors can be found at community colleges, four-year universities, and graduate programs across the country.

Accent Reduction and Modification

Where you can get the degree: University of San Diego Accent Reduction and Modification courses are meant for those whose second language is English. These programs allow students to develop effective communication skills to thrive in their careers. This isn’t necessarily a two- or four-year degree. It’s oftentimes a certification or optional programming provided to those already enrolled at an institution with an academic focus elsewhere.

Personal Emergency Preparedness

Where you can get the degree: University of Arizona (Global Campus) Global pandemics, wildfires, and wars can oftentimes prompt us to reflect on our own emergency preparedness, but there is a major out there that teaches students how to put this preparedness into practice. Courses for this major or certification cover how to plan for and respond to man-made or natural disasters. Students will learn how to help people, animals, and communities in emergency situations.


Where you can get the degree: Cornell University (eCornell) Beekeeping is more than just a hobby; it’s now a college major. Throughout courses for beekeeping, students will study the hive, interpret what they’re seeing, and respond to the colony’s needs to support them. Students may also take coursework on maintaining a business if they opt to sell their beekeeping products. Beekeeping programs range in form, from certification to Master’s degrees.

Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychology

Where you can get the degree: Sofia University Transcendence can be found with this weird college major. Transpersonal, or spiritual, psychology is the study of the spiritual aspects of life and how they affect well-being. Coursework in this field of study covers transpersonal theories, creative practices, and personal development and goals. Students can complete their Transpersonal study through certifications or Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Wooden Boat Building Technology

Where you can get the degree: Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building Believe it or not, wooden boat building is still a thing, so much so that an entire school is dedicated to teaching students how to build and maintain all aspects of wooden boats. Located in Washington, this program attracts students from all around the world. The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building offers two different focuses, Wooden Boat Building and Marine Systems programs. The first takes 12 months to complete, while the latter takes just nine. Students can also take intensive courses on subjects like, electrical systems, hydraulics, and corrosion.

Artificial Intelligence

Where you can get the degree: Carnegie Mellon University Since the emergence of ChatGPT, conversations about artificial intelligence and the impact to our working world have been endless. While artificial intelligence isn’t a new major, it’s certainly a field of interest that will experience rapid growth over the next few years. Carnegie Mellon offers a Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence. Through their academic offerings, students will explore how complex inputs can be used to make decisions and enhance the human experience as well as the ethical and social responsibility of AI use.

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