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College Majors that Make the Most Money

Discover the top 10 college majors for high-paying jobs after graduation.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

May 10, 2019

College Majors that Make the Most Money
You’ve heard the old saying: do what you love; love what you do. But, unfortunately, doing what you love doesn’t always lead to a lucrative career. Given that more students are graduating with debt than not, money may lead to financial freedom – which could “buy” a degree of happiness. So when it comes to college majors, which provide the most bang for your buck? And should you choose love – or money? Hopefully, you can have it all with one of the highest-paying majors below, according to Monster: 1. Engineering Monster states that architectural and engineering positions are expected to grow 7% between 2016 and 2026. With that, they're some of the most sought after majors right now. Starting salary for engineers right out of college averages $66,521. 2. Computer Science It shouldn't be a surprise that computer science is near the top of the list. After all, we're living in the age of smart phones, smart televisions and smart cars; so computer science seems like a smart choice. The average starting salary for computer science majors is $65,540. 3. Math and Sciences Math and science majors can expect to find careers as actuaries, statisticians, chemists, technicians and lab assistants, according to Monster. Starting salaries average at $61,867. 4. Business Business is one of those classic college majors, but it never goes out of style. And as Monster points out, an economy on the upswing means better salaries for graduates with a business degree. The average starting salary in this field is $56,720. 5. Social Sciences A social science major typically goes on to work in the public or private sector, perhaps with the government. Starting salaries in this field have increased 6% over the last year, as reported by Monster. They average at $56,689. 6. Humanities While this is a rather broad major, it applies to anyone that has more of a liberal arts background in college -- the arts, literature or philosophy. Average starting salaries in this field are $56,688. 7. Agriculture and Natural Resources While agriculture and natural resources don't seem as trendy as computer science and engineering, they're actually very vital and very lucrative career options. Plus, many of these majors and careers are incorporating technology into every aspect. Starting salaries in agriculture and natural resources average at $53,565. 8. Communications Finally, communications rounds out the list of highest paying majors, according to Monster. This major can lead to a career in web writing, video editing, marketing or public relations. Starting salaries in one of these careers averages at $51,448. Given the rising cost of college and the fact that most students graduate with a great deal of student debt, these college choices definitely make sense. Hopefully, though, these majors are combining both a passion and a practicality, and we haven’t seen the end of doing what you love; loving what you do.

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