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College Majors that Make the Most Money

Discover the top 10 college majors for high-paying jobs after graduation.

By Kathryn Knight Randolph

May 07, 2018

College Majors that Make the Most Money
You’ve heard the old saying: do what you love; love what you do. But, unfortunately, doing what you love doesn’t always lead to a lucrative career. Given that more students are graduating with debt than not, money may lead to financial freedom – which could “buy” a degree of happiness. So when it comes to college majors, which provide the most bang for your buck? And should you choose love – or money? Hopefully, you can have it all with one of the majors below: 10. Geological and geophysical engineering -- $87,000

9. Computer engineering -- $87,000

8. Mechanical engineering -- $87,000

7. Aerospace engineering -- $90,000

6. Electrical engineering -- $93,000

5. Chemical engineering -- $96,000

4. Mining and mineral engineering -- $97,000

3. Metallurgical engineering -- $98,000

2. Pharmacy -- $113,000

1. Petroleum engineering -- $136,000

Noticing a trend? Engineering in its various forms is by far the highest paid field, according to Business Insider. They report that "the best college majors for finding the highest-paying jobs after graduation tend to be in STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics." According to the study, "Engineering, in particular, is one of the highest-paying college majors after graduation." They also found that at least "50 college majors have an early career salary of at least $60,000, and many have a mid-career pay over $100,000."
This list and the figures above point to a trend in college major choices right now. It implies that maybe students these days are thinking more with their heads rather than their hearts. Given the rising cost of college and the fact that most students graduate with a great deal of student debt, these college choices definitely make sense. Hopefully, though, these majors are combining both a passion and a practicality, and we haven’t seen the end of doing what you love; loving what you do.

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