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Fast Food Jobs That Help Pay for College

Get employer tuition assistance while you earn a paycheck at these fast food chains.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

August 21, 2023

Fast Food Jobs That Help Pay for College
What's better than a paycheck? A paycheck and tuition assistance.
<a href="">Tuition reimbursement was a relatively novel concept just a few years ago, but in a short period of time, employers across a variety of fields have found that it's an enticing benefit to employees. Not only does it help to improve their workforce, but it also works to retain employees until they've completed their higher education. Learn more about each company's tuition assistance benefits below:

Fast Food Tuition Reimbursement Jobs

  1. Starbucks

    Starbucks Tuition Assistance Program Details: The well-known Seattle-based coffee and restaurant chain offers employees full tuition at Arizona State University’s (ASU) online program. The program gives Starbucks’ hourly employees an opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree, with Starbucks covering the tuition costs.
    Starbucks developed a partnership with ASU, which reimburses its employees' tuition costs at the end of each semester. The program’s tuition assistance is valued at over $47,000 or the estimated cost of attending ASU’s online program for four years as a full-time student. Eligibility: To be eligible, Starbucks employees must have worked a minimum of 240 hours. It must also be your first Bachelor’s degree. Check out Starbucks job listings on Monster.
  2. Chipotle Mexican Grill

    Chipotle Tuition Assistance Program Details: Chipotle has partnered with Guild Education in order to cover all tuition costs, upfront, to over 75 online programs. These online learning platforms include Purdue University Global, Wilmington University, and Oregon State University. Chipotle has added culinary arts, supply chain management, and agriculture to its academic options. Eligibility: Chipotle tuition reimbursement is available to those who have been employed for 120 days and work a minimum of 15 hours per week in order to be eligible for these tuition benefits. Check out Chipotle job listings on Monster.
  3. McDonald’s

    McDonald's Tuition Assistance Program Details: McDonald’s “Archway to Opportunity” tuition program can be used for both on-campus and online degree programs that are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Hourly paid restaurant workers are eligible to receive up to $2,500 yearly in tuition assistance. Additionally, restaurant managers can receive $5,250. Eligibility: Employees must work a minimum of 15 hours weekly and be employed at McDonald’s (both company-owned restaurants and at over 3,000 franchise locations) for at least 90 cumulative days before qualifying for the program.
  4. Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC

    Yum! Brands Tuition Assistance Program Details: Yum! brands, which owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC, offers up to $5,350 of tuition reimbursement to employees. Employees and their children also have the opportunity to earn a $2,500 scholarship. Eligibility: This tuition reimbursement benefit is offered to all Yum! employees and their immediate family members after being employed at the company for at least 60 days.
  5. Chick-fil-A

    Chick-fil-A Tuition Assistance Program Details: Chick-fil-A offers scholarships and tuition assistance benefits to Team Members, as well as their family. Tuition discounts and grants from Chick-fil-A can be applied to more than 100 colleges and universities around the U.S., like Boston University, Purdue University, and Oglethorpe University. If a Team Member finds that the school they would like to attend is not a part of the program, they can actually submit a request to have the institution formally added. Eligibility: To qualify for tuition assistance at Chick-fil-A, Team Members must simply be employed by a Chick-fil-A Franchisee, a Chick-fil-A, Inc.-operated restaurant, or an STC brand restaurant. To apply, Team Members should reach out to their local Operator, Interim Manager, or Executive General Manager. Check out Chick-fil-A job listings on Monster.
See more tuition reimbursement jobs at Monster.

Companies Jumping on Board Tuition Assistance Benefits

Fast food companies aren’t the only ones hoping to provide life-changing benefits to their employees. 48% of U.S. employers offer some sort of tuition assistance, according to Now, you can branch out from fast food opportunities and work for one of the following:
  1. Amazon

    Amazon Tuition Assistance Program Details: Amazon now offers employers up to 95% of tuition and fees, although options extend only to certificates and Associate degrees in high-demand fields according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Amazon states that qualifying fields are mechanics, information technology, healthcare, and transportation. Textbook reimbursement is also offered to Amazon employees. Eligibility: Amazon tuition reimbursement is available to both full- and part-time employees. Check out Amazon job listings on Monster.
  2. Boeing

    Boeing Tuition Assistance Program Details: Boeing will pay 100% of tuition for employees who are enrolled in STEM programs for Associate’s, Bachelors’, Master’s and even Doctoral degrees. Eligible employees can use tuition assistance at over 300 colleges and universities, including University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Eligibility: After just one year with the company, both full- and part-time employees are able to take advantage of the Learning Together Program. Check out Boeing job listings on Monster.
  3. BP

    BP Tuition Assistance Program Details: BP will cover 90% of eligible education expenses for its employees who are pursuing certificates or degrees. This benefit extends to books and other required materials and can be used at any accredited institution, whether in-person or online. Eligibility Full-time employees are able to access this benefit immediately after they are hired. In order to receive the reimbursement, however, they must obtain permission to begin the course or degree and complete their higher education experience with a passing grade.
  4. Discover

    Discover Tuition Assistance Program Details: Discover will pay full tuition and fees, plus books, in designated fields. This includes Bachelor’s degree programs in computer science, business management, business administration, and computer and network security. It also applies to select online business and technology degrees. Those employees who do not attend a partner institution can still receive financial assistance that ranges from $2,500 to $10,000. Eligibility: Both full- and part-time employees are able to take advantage of tuition reimbursement as soon as they’re hired.
  5. T-Mobile

    T-Mobile Tuition Assistance Program Details: T-Mobile will pay 100% of tuition at five online universities for full-time employees pursuing either undergraduate and graduate degrees. For those employees that wish to attend another institution, T-Mobile will pay up to $2,500 per year for part-time employees and $5,250 per year for full-time. This benefit covers tuition, books, and academic fees. Eligibility: Employees that are in good standing are eligible for tuition assistance after 90 days of employment. Check out T-Mobile job listings on Monster.
Both Disney and Wal-Mart have similar tuition assistance programs.

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