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Discover Your Summer Job Options

Whether you’re in college or saving for college, a summer job is a great idea to earn extra money to save money to pay for school.

Elizabeth Hoyt

April 17, 2018

Discover Your Summer Job Options

Whether you’re in college or saving for college, a summer job is a great idea to earn extra money to save money to pay for school.

There are plenty of types of types out there to suit just about any personality type, located anywhere you live.

Check out the below summer job option suggestions to point you in the right direction of a potential job near you!


If sales is your calling, retail may be a great pursuit for you. You can pick any type of store that suits your style – just be careful picking a store you love or you might end up spending more than you save!

Some positions, like bagging and pushing carts can require heavy lifting.

Easily accessible options

• Take a trip to your local mall and explore the wide array of stores think clothing, jewelry and furniture stores. Most malls will have kiosk, restaurant, and food court options available too!

Grocery stores have all types of positions available like cashiers, baggers, cart pushers, etc.

• Explore your local neighborhood and look for hiring local shops like florists, convenience stores, card shops, etc.


If you’re friendly, outgoing and interested in the service industry, hospitality can be quite lucrative.

Those who are able to wear a smile in stressful situations are best suited for this type of industry as it can become tense at times, but can also be really fun, too!

Easily accessible options:

• Plenty of restaurants add on patio/outdoor wait staff, hosts/hostesses, bartenders, dishwashers, valets and bussers.

Hotels thrive on hard-working staff including receptionists, hotel, restaurant and bar employees, cleaning staff and accommodations staff.

Local Business

Area businesses hire summer temp workers to help out with tasks, cover for employees going on vacation and pick up some extra hours.

They often value the extra help from students who are learning about their particular industry so inquire within businesses related to your major!

Easily accessible options:

Medical, legal and other local business offices often have summer positions available. Those among them include receptionists, file clerks, office assistants and, depending on the type of business, cashiers.


If the idea of spending the summer indoors is more than you can bear, don’t sacrifice having a job! There are job options available that you can stay outside and make some money, too.

Depending on the type of people you like to work with or if you like to get your hands dirty, there are options for you to soak up the summer sun.

Easily accessible options:

• If you want to save for college and work on your summer than, finding a job at country/swim clubs, gyms with outdoor pools, neighborhood public pools and local beaches often have life-guarding positions available in the summer.

Landscaping, grounds keeping, lawn service and construction positions open up in the spring and summertime for obvious reasons. You can easily get a position with a company maintaining residences, business properties or, even work at a golf course. Or, if you’re easily motivated, build your own clientele.

Children’s day camps are a great way to spend time outdoors and have fun at the same time if you enjoy spending time with kids. You’ll probably spend your days playing games outside, splashing around in the pool and crafting art projects.

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