Metallica Scholars Provides Scholarships for Trade Students

33 U.S. schools are part of the rock band Metallica's workforce initiative program. Get a list of the 33 states and 42 community colleges offering these scholarships.

Shawna Newman

June 12, 2024

Metallica Scholars Provides Scholarships for Trade Students
These scholarships are with the band, literally.
Trade schools and technical education have made a big comeback in the United States within the past few years. Gen Z has influenced a substantial enrollment increase in vocational, technical, and trade programs. Unfortunately, only a few people realize trade school scholarships are available to help students learn a trade with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. And some of these scholarships are with the band... Metallica, yes, the thrash rock band created in 1981, hosts The Metallica Scholars Initiative, designed to support a variety of career and technical education (CTE) programs across community colleges and technical schools. JUMP TO APPLY FOR THE METALLICA SCHOLARS PROGRAM

What are Metallica Scholars?

The Metallica Scholars program is part of a larger philanthropic mission, All Within My Hands, designed to support students aiming to enter the traditional trade workforce or other applied learning fields.
James Hetfield, Metallica's lead singer, explains the heart and origin of the scholarship program in a 2021 press release, "As a touring entity, we are in direct involvement with multiple essential career choices along our path. From electrical, professional driving, culinary, mechanical maintenance, public safety, logistical organizers. And that just scratches the surface. Those, along with a multitude of other technical careers, make our touring and our performances possible. We are passionate and grateful to these trades and tradespeople."

What fields does the Metallica Scholars Program support?

Past Metallica Scholars students earned scholarship money and have gone to school for skilled trades like:
• Automotive Collision Repair or Automotive Restoration • CAD-A Technology • Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) • Computer Technology • CNC/Machining • Culinary Arts • Cybersecurity • Fire Technology • Healthcare • Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) • Hospitality • Industrial Automation Technician – Mechatronics • IT • Public Safety • Respiratory Therapy • Welding The careers listed above are not a comprehensive list of eligible programs. The Metallica Scholars program supports a wide variety of workforce careers.

What schools are part of The Metallica Scholars Program?

Forty-two American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) accredited schools in 33 states were selected to participate in this scholarship program from the rock band Metallica.
Metallica Scholars Programs can be found in the states listed below:
  1. Alabama: Northwest-Shoals Community College
  2. Arizona: Pima Community College
  3. California: Oxnard College (Ventura Community College District), Victor Valley College
  4. Colorado: Front Range Community College
  5. Florida: Polk State College, Valencia College
  6. Illinois: College of Lake County
  7. Iowa: Clinton Community College
  8. Kansas: WSU-Tech
  9. Kentucky: Elizabethtown Community & Technical College
  10. Louisiana: South Louisiana Community College
  11. Maryland: Community College of Baltimore County
  12. Massachusetts: Middlesex Community College
  13. Michigan: Grand Rapids Community College
  14. Minnesota: South Central College
  15. Mississippi: Itawamba Community College, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College
  16. Missouri: East Central College
  17. Nebraska: Central Community College
  18. New Jersey: Hudson County Community College
  19. New Mexico : San Juan College
  20. New York: Rockland Community College, Westchester Community College
  21. North Carolina: Central Piedmont Community College, Guilford Technical Community College
  22. Ohio: Clark State College
  23. Oregon: Clackamas Community College, Columbia Gorge Community College
  24. South Carolina: Aiken Technical College
  25. South Dakota: Western Dakota Technical College
  26. Tennessee: Columbia State Community College
  27. Texas: Lone Star College
  28. Utah: Salt Lake Community College
  29. Virginia: Northern Virginia Community College
  30. Washington: Spokane Community College
  31. West Virginia: West Virginia University Parkersburg
  32. Wisconsin: Gateway Technical College, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  33. Wyoming: Central Wyoming College
Schools associated with the Metallica Scholars Initiative receive scholarship funds to distribute to their students. Each school or community college establishes its own Metallica Scholars scholarship qualifications.

Apply for the Metallica Scholars Program

Deadline: Varies Award Amount: Varies The Metallica Scholars Initiative is open to students attending one of the 43 partner schools. Students must be enrolled in a career or technical education program to be considered for this award. The selection and award processes are overseen by the student's chosen education institution.

Five Reasons to Consider the Metallica Scholars Program

  1. Financial Support: The program provides scholarships to students that can cover tuition, textbooks, and other educational costs.
  2. Focused Training: Schools associated with the Metallica Scholars program are designed to equip students with practical skills relevant to specific trades and industries.
  3. Industry Connections: By participating in the program, students gain access to industry connections, potential job opportunities, and networking events.
  4. Community Impact: By joining the program, students contribute to their local community's growth and development.
  5. Expanding Opportunities : The program continues to expand each year; more U.S. schools are becoming part of the Metallica Scholars network. The importance of qualified blue-collar workers and ensuring the workforce has been a hot topic for a few celebrities—one being Mike Rowe from the hit TV show Dirty Jobs and his Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Trade and career technical education is just as important a step to a successful career. It should be celebrated as a positive personal advancement, just as college is. According to All Within My Hands, The Metallica Scholars program is a workforce education initiative under the All Within My Hands Foundation. The program was established in 2019 with 10 schools valued at approximately $100,000 and impacting more than 1,000 students. July 2024 is expected to be year six of the Metallica Scholars American workforce training program. Create a free Fastweb profile to find additional scholarship opportunities for which you qualify.

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