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July College Checklist for a Soon-to-be College Freshman

Get ready for college with 11 July tasks for soon-to-be college freshmen.

Shawna Newman

June 28, 2024

July College Checklist for a Soon-to-be College Freshman
Follow this list during the month of July to ensure you're prepared for college this fall!
During the summer before your freshman year of college, it’s imperative to get many tasks accomplished so that you’re prepared for the year ahead. From getting paperwork completed to getting your dorm room essentials, there's a lot to do within the next month in order to guarantee you're ready for your big transition to college. To ensure that you’re on the right track, here’s a checklist of the top ten items incoming freshmen should be focused on during the month of July:

College Planning Checklist for Soon-to-Be College Freshmen

Keep Saving Money

Continue saving money that you earn from your summer job. The more savings you have, the better off you’ll be while you’re in school. Many college students use the money they earn to help them pay for college.

Bridge Any College Financial Gaps

Summer is the time some college students realize they don't have enough funds to help them pay for school. If your family has financial struggles that weren’t captured on the FAFSA, now is the time to start a financial aid appeals process. If after a professional judgment, you still need more money to pay for college, there are ways you can fill the money gap. It's better to address this financial concern early in the summer than at the start of your busy college semester.

Give Thanks

Send thank you notes to everyone who helped you plan and prepare for college, including any teachers who wrote letters of recommendation for you as well as those who gave you gifts for your high school graduation (if you haven’t already).

Gather Your Personal Records

Make copies of your important forms including financial aid, medical, etc. for your personal records. Consider leaving copies at home with your parents, too, just for safekeeping.

Register for Freshmen Orientation

Register for the fall semester and for a freshman orientation session. You may register for fall classes during the orientation, depending on the school.
View your college’s website or connect with your college admissions team to get orientation details. While some of the activities may seem cheesy or even uncomfortable, you never know who you’ll meet at these events, like your college BFF or mentor.

Fill Out Additional Forms

Check to see if you need to fill out any forms out before orientation, like housing, meal plans, etc. You'll want to email these documents to the admissions office, rather than mailing or delivering them in person, if possible.

Confirm Transcripts Have Been Sent

Ensure your final high school transcripts have been forwarded to your college. If your college doesn't have these forms on hand, email your high school guidance counselor to ask for help.

Talk to Your Roomie

If you haven’t already, it’s time to call, text, or DM your future roomie. Coordinate with your future roommate on which shared items each of you will be bringing to the dorm room. You may also want to take some time to get to know one another through a series of conversations. That will make your initial interactions less forced and more organic.

Prep for Your Dorm Room

After you’ve talked to your future roommate(s), begin shopping for any dorm room items you’re responsible for bringing. Check out our dorm room packing list for a place to start. You don’t need to bring your entire life to college. To help you simplify your packing list, check out one of our Student Contributor’s tips on what to bring to college – and what to leave at home.

Explore Potential Majors

Contact professionals who you would like to job shadow. It may help you decide on potential career options and, as a result, a college major. Your first academic year is a great time to begin building professional relationships. You can also use this last summer month to research salary trajectories for your prospective majors and career paths. To help, Monster provides a salary tool that enables you to see salaries by job title and location.

Figure Out Laundry

Learn how to do laundry…because you can’t bring Mom and Dad to college. It’s a skill you’re going to need, and practice makes perfect! The Spruce offers a 10-step guide to help you conquer this must-know life skill. While you’re at it, look up how to manage your time, stress, and communication. Though you’ll hone these life skills in college, it’s great to get a head start by researching helpful tactics.

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