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20 DIY College Dorm Room & Apartment Projects

Elizabeth Hoyt

July 11, 2019

20 DIY College Dorm Room & Apartment Projects
You don't need to spend a fortune to have an awesome college space- DIY, instead!
As you prepare to head off to college in the fall, you'll likely want to plan to create some dorm digs that'll make you the envy of the entire building. You still have plenty of time to think about what type of décor you’d like your dorm room to have – and then, instead of purchasing it, why not save some dough and create it? You have all summer to DIY to your heart's content. Worried that you’re not crafty enough? Don’t be! These projects aren’t difficult – they’re easy enough that any student can accomplish them with style and panache. Plus, they’re all budget conscious so you’ll be saving, too! Take daily items most college students utilize and turn them into unique pieces that will make you the envy of your floor mates. Talk about a great conversation starter…
Here are some fun dorm room DIY ideas that you’re sure to love making this summer and having around in college:

1. Cookie Sheet Magnetic Board

Don't write your reminders on a boring notepad only to blend into your desk later - hang them on a cool homemade magnet board you'll be sure to notice! You can also hang photos and mementos from home, too!
We also happen to think these DIY cat magnets and Instagram magnets would look pretty great on there.

2. Recover an Old Desk Chair

You don’t need to spend money on a new desk chair – new ones come in boring patterns (or lack of patterns at all) anyway! Just purchase new cool fabric (make sure it’s durable, though) to recover an old desk chair. Hint: if you don’t have an old desk chair, consider buying a used one on the cheap.

3. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

Wall art you can make without any artistic ability whatsoever. No, seriously! Just pick a fabric pattern you like, place and tighten. It’s that easy!

4. Iron-Transfer Floral Duvet Cover

Designer duvet covers can be downright expensive. Make your own with this tutorial. Not into floral? Follow the instructions and pick a different mod pattern!

5. Personalized Doormat

Give everyone who comes knocking a warm welcome under their toes by creating a personalized doormat.

6. String Art

Master the art of string and you’ll get an amazing display for your dorm room! It’ll end up looking way fancier than it actually is plus, you’ll have bragging rights.

7. DIY Desk Organizer

These desk organizing DIY ideas are just about as easy as they come. Plus, you’ll surely need a desk organizer while in college. Seems like a must have for any student!

8. Washi Tape Lampshade

Make a one-of-a-kind lampshade using washi tape. You can mix and match fun, bright colors or use one color depending on your preference. Create whatever pattern you like, too! You’ll know you have a unique item because you designed it and, really, what’s cooler than that?

9. Turn a Frame into a Wipe Off Board

You can always use a board for reminders in college! But white boards are an eyesore, so why not make a board that’s functional and easy on the eyes?

10. Turn Your Phone Into a Photo Projector

Show off your cool photos with a photo projector instead of making your friends hover over your smartphone with a cool DIY projector made from a shoebox!

11. Wall-Decal Chair

You’re going to need places to sit and this DIY chair’s finished product is much simpler to create than it appears. Plus, with so many wall decal options available, you can customize to your heart’s content.

12. Moon Phases Garland

You need to find create spaces to personalize within your dorm room. Why not decorate above your bed with a fun DIY garland like this one, featuring phases of the moon?

13. Light-Up Sign

This light-up sign is where function meets style. Art that also serves a purpose? Sounds perfect, especially when you’re working with limited space, as in a dorm. Make yours say something witty, clever, inspirational – whatever you can dream up, you can make!

14. Floating Nightstand

Are you lofting your bed in your dorm? Or, perhaps you have top bunk? Either way, here’s a solution to the no-nightstand conundrum: a floating nightstand you can easily make!

15. Wallpaper Decal Fridge

Everyone has the standard mini fridge – and they all look the same. Make yours stand out with a pop of color, pattern or design using decals, washi tape or contact paper.

16. Faux Floral Monogram

Designate your space by designing your own wall art with your initials – you could even make one for your roomie, too!

17. Geometric Door Design

Go ahead, jazz up that old dorm room door by adding personality and flare with washi tape.

18. Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art

If you’re looking to add some interesting, bright and fun décor to your digs, here’s the perfect DIY art project for you.

19. Dorm Headboard

Add a little cozy touch to your sleeping space by creating a custom headboard to accompany your dorm room bed.

20. Homemade Wall Hangings

With just a bit of yarn, you can create a one-of-a-kind wall art that’s as unique as you are!
Discover all of these DIY projects and more on Fastweb's "Student DIY Ideas" Pinterest board.

Did you try any of the above projects? We'd love to hear how they turned out!

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