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Fun Summer Jobs for High School Students

A student reveals seven types of jobs (with perks) you may want to consider taking on this summer.

Student Contributor, Alondra Arevalo

May 18, 2021

Fun Summer Jobs for High School Students
Having a job looks great on your college applications.
Congratulations, you have made it (or have almost made it) through the school year! This year was incredibly tough for us all in some shape or form, so successfully finishing the year off strong was super important. Pat yourself on the back! Now that summer is here, a lot of you are probably looking for jobs to keep yourself busy this summer. A lot of places are opening up, and there is a huge variety of jobs available right now. Also, having a job looks great on your college applications, since you can show that you are able to manage your time and grades really well! Here are a few types of jobs for students to keep in mind as you are on your job search!
  1. Retail A popular pick for many, working in retail is a great job for students to look into for the summer! There are so many opportunities and places to choose from, and there are always opportunities available: year-round or seasonal.
    Employees even get discounts on apparel and merchandise. So, if it’s your dream to work at a bookstore or your favorite boutique, consider applying to places in your area!
  2. Food-industry Another popular job choice among high schoolers, the food-industry is always looking for people to work! There are so many food chains and restaurants around the country, that your local favorite may actually be hiring.
    You also may get a discount on food, and who doesn’t want that. If you like interacting with people, cooking, or just want to experience working at a restaurant, consider applying to your local fast-food chains and restaurants.
  3. Babysitting and Pet Sitting If you like to be around kids or pets, consider being a babysitter or pet sitter! It’s super easy to get people to pay you for it, since social media is so huge to get your name out. The best part is that you can choose your rates and how much you make. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with too many people if you are anti-social, since you are only taking care of maybe a few kids or pets. Think about it, your job could be just being at someone’s house for a few hours making sure their kids are ok! You can also make new friends in the process.
  4. Lifeguard If you live by the beach or a public pool, you may want to be a lifeguard. If you like to swim, know how to help people in an incident, and don’t mind sitting out in the sun, becoming a lifeguard might be a job for you! Look into your local beaches, lakes, or community pools to see if they are hiring.
  5. Tutor If you are advanced in an academic subject and feel like you can teach others as well, becoming a tutor for the summer might be for you! Because many schools offer summer school programs, a lot of students may potentially be in need of tutoring. Also, many schools have tutoring programs in the summer and there are also private companies that hire high school tutors. If not, you can become an independent tutor and choose your own rates! You can help someone who’s struggling succeed, and you can pick the age group you want to work with. This is a flexible job to keep in mind if you feel you can explain ideas thoroughly to others.
  6. Movie Theater If your local movie theater is hiring, you might want to apply! If you want to work with other people, watch free movies, and get discounted movie popcorn, candy, or an Icee, you might enjoy working there! Also, you might be able to get discounts for your friends to go watch movies together throughout the summer as well!
  7. Internships Finally, who can forget about summer internships? Many companies from all areas have summer internships for high school students and college students! Some of them are paid, some of them aren’t, but it gives you experience that you can’t get from your typical summer jobs. In fact, you can look on Fastweb for internship opportunities in your area, and also remote internship opportunities you might want to take advantage of.
Summer jobs are a great way to earn money while also making new friends and potentially having fun in the process. It’s super easy to find jobs around your area, just look up what you want to do and apply online! Also, some jobs offer scholarship opportunities you can get just by working with the company! No matter what you do this summer, make sure you are staying productive and using your time wisely. If you are still in school, don’t stress, you will do just fine during your finals, exams, etc. Wishing you the best on your job search, you’ve got this!

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