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Alternative Ways to Spend Your Spring Break

Kathryn Knight Randolph

February 07, 2017

Alternative Ways to Spend Your Spring Break
Use your alternative spring break to amp up your job search.
Not everyone is a beach bum, and spring break is the perfect chance for go-getters to get things done. Some students opt out of the lazy day routine and make spring break count toward their future. Here are a few ways you can take your spring break to the next level: Job Shadowing
A week isn’t enough time to complete an internship, but there is another alternative – job shadowing. Shadowing someone for a day or week will provide you with great insight into the everyday aspects of your dream job. How can you find someone to shadow? First, check with your college career center or guidance counselor. They’ll have great leads on local offices that mentor students. However, if your search hits a dead end, you’ll need to start cold calling companies. Do some research on the web and find companies in your college or hometown that interest you. Get in touch with someone in the Human Resources department – they’ll help you set up your job shadowing opportunity.
Research at School Professors typically use break periods to get some serious research done. While the more hefty projects take place during the summer, professors may have small-scale research needs during spring break.
How can you land a spot on a research team? Simply ask your professors. The best way to approach the subject is before or after class – that way they have a face to remember and not just a name and email address. Also, don’t limit your query to science or mathematics professors. Art and literary professors need just as much help with their current projects as well. And if all goes well, your professor may ask you to stay on and help during the summer, which looks great on a resume. Job & Internship Search This seems like a no-brainer. Starting your internship and job search early is vital to you actually landing a position this summer. You know the old saying: Make looking for a job your full-time job. Spring break enables you to look full-time for work without skimping on your classes and extracurricular activities. Where do you start your job search? First, develop your resume and cover letter. Then, post them on a job board like Monster or MonsterCollege. Finally, know how to prepare for and ace your job or internship interview once you're in the hot seat.

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Kathryn Knight Randolph

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