Make the Most of Your Scholarship Search on Fastweb

Kathryn Knight Randolph

October 28, 2022

Make the Most of Your Scholarship Search on Fastweb
Make the most of your scholarship search with Fastweb's help.
What good is your Fastweb account if you fill out a profile but never apply for a scholarship? We know you’ve got a lot going on – classes, extracurricular activities and homework – but when it comes to paying for school, you need to make time for scholarships too.

Make the Most of Your Scholarship Search

Fortunately, we at Fastweb know how busy you are, and we’ve made upgrades to your scholarship matches over the years to help you save time. Check out how our Scholarship Dashboard works in your favor.

New Matches

Each time you log on to Fastweb to view your Scholarship Matches, the first thing you’ll see are any new scholarships that you’ve been matched to since you last logged onto the site. You’ll also see the total amount you could win from every scholarship on your list, which serves as a great motivation to get started on your applications. If you don’t have any new scholarships listed, you can either update your profile or check out scholarship matches that you’ve seen before but haven’t applied to just yet.

Top Scholarships

Below, you’ll find a list of your Top Scholarships. These are scholarships with large award amounts, easy applications, Featured Scholarships, or opportunities that you are especially qualified for. If you do not have time to make it through the entirety of your Scholarship Matches, these Top Scholarships give you an abbreviated glimpse of opportunities as well as a feasible place to start.

All Scholarship Matches

In addition to seeing your new Scholarship Matches, you can also check out those matches that you’ve seen before but have not yet passed their deadline – your current scholarships. To learn more about each of these scholarships, simply click the title for a full description, award amount, deadline and a button that you can click in order to apply to that particular scholarship.

Organize Your Scholarship Search

Once you’ve seen your new or current Scholarship Matches, it’s time to take action and select which scholarships you will or might apply to and which scholarships you’d like to discard on your will not or not eligible lists. On each Scholarship Detail page, you’ll see heart, checkmark, and ellipsis icons next to the scholarship name. These are organizational tools to help you identify scholarships you like, have applied to, or need to take further action on. The heart icon allows you to Favorite a scholarship, marking it as an opportunity you’re interested applying to. The checkmark enables you to indicate that you’ve applied for that particular scholarship already. Finally, the ellipses icon gives you a dropdown menu to choose from: • Add to Favorites • I’ve Applied! • I won this scholarship! • Ignore this scholarship. • I’m not eligible for this. • Report incorrect information. This dropdown menu helps to keep you organized, but it also gives us valuable information as we see how well Fastweb is working for our members.

How to Win Scholarships

Winning scholarships is a numbers game. The more you apply to, the better your chances of actually winning. By using the Scholarship Dashboard, you can up your scholarship game by organizing all of your scholarships in one place, applying to only those that are the best fit for you and increase your odds of winning by saving time and applying to more scholarships.

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