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Resources to Help You Land a Seasonal Part-Time Job

Elizabeth Hoyt

October 03, 2019

Resources to Help You Land a Seasonal Part-Time Job
Top resources on Fastweb to help you find a seasonal part-time job.
Seasonal jobs are looking for students, like you, to take on jobs over your holiday break. With so many companies hiring seasonal employees, finding a part-time seasonal job is just an application away.
Where should I look for seasonal jobs?
Companies communicate when they are looking for seasonal employees and detail how many employees they’ll be hiring and in which areas. You can find companies hiring for this year’s seasonal job season on Fastweb, along with resources to help you obtain one of them: • Who’s Hiring for the Holidays? Companies Hiring 2019 Seasonal Employees
Seasonal Job Employment Tips
Did you know that now you can find part-time jobs on Fastweb?
Don’t have a resume for your first part-time job? We can help.
Here are some resources to help you create your first part-time job resume: • How to Write Your First Resume
First Part-Time Job Resume Sample
Need help writing a cover letter to include with your application? Done.
Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts
First Part-Time Job Cover Letter Sample
No experience? No problem.
Your extracurriculars can serve as a great addition to your student resume.

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