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Coronavirus Update: Part-Time Job Workers Needed

Kathryn Knight Randolph

March 25, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Part-Time Job Workers Needed
Out of school? Out of work? Several companies are hiring thousands right now.
If Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that the world that we know can literally change overnight. Colleges have evacuated their campuses. Families have been quarantined to their homes – only able to leave when they need essentials, like groceries and medicine. Global events, such as the Olympics, have been postponed. Numerous people have lost their jobs – or been given many unfilled and purpose-less hours in the day. However, there are reasons to be glad. Families are getting more of that together time that they crave when life is bustling and they’re navigating multi-layered schedules. Online group hangouts have helped to foster community amongst friends and family separated by quarantine. The Internet has been on fire with memes to get us through confinement. Looking for more COVID-19 student-impact information? Find it here.
And another bright spot…many companies are hiring to fill part-time jobs. With classes cancelled and a completely free schedule, now may be the perfect time to make some money and build upon your work experience. Check out companies that are hiring part-time workers right now.

From Pizza Delivery to Hospital Staff, Workers in Demand

The spread of Coronavirus in the USA has impacted everything, from retail and dine-in restaurant closures to the stock market. Many companies have already laid off thousands of workers in response, and Americans are still waiting on Congress to pass a stimulus package to help those who may be suffering financially. On the other hand, as the country faces off against the pandemic, many jobs have become available. Hospitals, grocery stores and delivery services are now considered the “front lines” – and they need workers.
Did you know that now you can find part-time jobs on Fastweb?
Bloomberg reports that CVS is hiring 50,000 workers right now. They need full-time, part-time and temporary workers to man their stores, delivery services, distribution centers and customer service departments. CVS store employees can anticipate bonuses, ranging from $150 to $500. • Pizza delivery chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s are in need of drivers, cooks, shift leaders and managers. Pizza Hut has about 30,000 job openings and are training new drivers in a matter of hours to meet the delivery need, according to MarketWatch. The Wall Street Journal states that Domino’s is hoping to hire 10,000. • Walmart has plans to hire 150,000 temporary workers. They need new employees for stores, clubs, distribution and fulfillment centers, reports CNN. • CNN states that Dollar Store, who also owns Family Dollar, is looking to hire 25,000 workers nationwide. • Finally, CNN also reports that 7 Eleven is hiring 20,000 to meet the surge in mobile orders. • It’s no surprise that online shipping has increased in its demand. To meet that need, Amazon is hiring 100,000 new workers and raising pay of warehouse workers by $2, according to The Verge. Amazon is especially welcome to those workers who have been laid off or furloughed from their jobs, saying that they will be happy to send them back to their former employers once the Coronavirus outbreak is no longer a threat. • Grocery stores nationwide are hiring in an effort to keep up with stockpiling Americans. They are in need of cashiers, inventory stockers and delivery drivers. • New York City has called all retired doctors and nurses as well as those in private practice to the front lines in order to fight against Coronavirus in hospital corridors. In a single day, over 1,000 medical professionals answered the call to help treat affected patients, reports the New York Post.

Hiring in the Time of Coronavirus

Hiring employees looks a little different these days. Jobs are opening quickly, and part-time workers need to have their resume ready to go. It’s imperative to draft a resume and cover letter now so that you have both to send as soon as you see a job opening that looks appealing. Check out our first part time job resume sample and cover letter to get started. Part-time job searchers can expect to have FaceTime or Skype job interviews versus meeting in-person. With that, part-time job searchers should have a reliable phone and Internet connection with which to have an interview. And even though the interview is taking place virtually, you should still dress professionally and make sure that the background of your video and audio is not too cluttered, messy or loud. Though some of these jobs may require employees to work near one another, they still offer workers a safe working environment. Many companies have stepped up their after hours cleaning. Others have asked workers to come in various shifts so as not to be too crowded. As you navigate searching for a part-time job and working during Coronavirus, you can know that companies are taking extra steps to ensure their employees are safe and healthy.

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