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Why is having an internship so important?

A student discusses why finding an internship is a good idea, and how you can find one that fits you.

Student Contributor, Ailani Ocasio

May 05, 2021

Why is having an internship so important?
Internships allow you to be part of a community.
School is almost over!! BUT even with the excitement of finally taking a break and relaxing over the summer, we should all consider learning something new and gaining enriching experiences. Of course, there are multiple ways to do this, but an excellent opportunity to accomplish both things is to get a summer internship. This may not be your style, but even so, you can find some tips about the internship process and save them for a later date. Still, there are tremendous opportunities out there that you’re going to wish you were doing instead of being bored at home.

Why is finding an internship a good idea?

Suppose you’re starting out in high school and already started looking into colleges. In that case, you may have seen or heard that work experience, especially volunteer, is a boost on your college application. It is also an incredible way to gauge your interests. These internships could be an effective and productive way of casting off those activities you thought you liked, but you actually don’t.
More so, internships allow you to be part of a community. You could be helping the people around you, becoming more independent, and taking part in what occurs around you—an actual CITIZEN of the world. (Check out this How to Citizen podcast from NPR’s TED Radio Hour.) Finally, you may even be able to find a PAID internship! I can’t say that there are that many around for freshman students. Still, if you’re a little older, this is a possibility, and it’s a great way to save a little money before going to college. I believe you shouldn’t force activities or take on over-the-top extracurriculars to look good for college (you’ve heard the stories). Instead, you should be doing what you like. However, I think you should always explore new hobbies, gain new interests, engage with the world to grow into yourself and who you want to be. For the existentialists out there, this is still a good idea for you too.

Info and Tips from My Experience

  1. Make a plan. What do you have going on in the summer? Do you have time for an internship? Keep in mind the internship experience may last your whole summer vacation. What are your interests? What is something you want to learn more about?
  2. Start early. In most cases, you have to apply before school is over. Maybe think about this for next year, if you don’t find anything in the coming months.
  3. Do your research. Start with a general search. For example, your topic + internship. Ask your school counselor or college academic advisor for help. Look into your local government programs or organizations you’ve heard about; check their sites for internship opportunities. Look thoroughly into each opportunity you find: Are there age restrictions? What’s the time frame? Are they flexible? Will you get paid? Is the place nearby? Is it an online or remote internship? Deadlines? Do you need letters of recommendation? Which sounds like it could provide you with the best experience?
  4. Choose one internship. Make a plan to comply with the info you need to provide and get it submitted.

Use Fastweb to Help You Find Internships

In addition to scholarships, Fastweb provides internship options for students. They can match you to internship opportunities, just as their database matches you to scholarships that fit your profile. Check out their internship database and these helpful articles below, too: High School Internships You Haven’t Heard About Fantastic Remote Internships for Students in 2021 I hope this info helps! Until May!

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