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Students: What to Do Over the Summer

Looking for productive ways to spend your summer? Look no further! Here are some ways to both recharge and further your academic success during your summer break.

Student Contributor, Piper Megellas

June 15, 2022

Students: What to Do Over the Summer
Don’t forget your sunscreen!
Looking for productive ways to spend your summer? Look no further! Here are some ways to both recharge and further your academic success during your summer break. The days have started to stretch longer and you’re finally getting out of school for break - it’s time for summer! This break is a great time to relax and recharge for the school year, but don’t forget to consider some productive ways to spend your summer.
As your longest break of the year, summer will give you the opportunity to pursue subjects or opportunities you may not have the time to during the school year. Not sure what that might look like for you? Here are just a few ideas to jumpstart your productive (and fun!) summer break 2022.

Get a Summer Job

You’ve probably heard this advice before, but don’t dismiss it before you even consider it! There are many benefits to working a job during the summer and students as young as fourteen can find employment. Plus, finding a job is even easier than ever with the aid of the internet.
Use a website like Monster to help you find employers near you who are hiring. Getting a job during the summer will help you add to your resume, build connections, and even give you exposure to various industries that you may be able to use when writing your college application essays. And let’s not forget about the other important benefit of having a job… money! There are several non-monetary reasons to work during the summer, but money is always a plus. If you’re working this summer, consider saving away some of your money to put towards college. While we’re speaking of college funds…

Apply to Scholarships

With your extra free time, consider applying to a few scholarships (or more!) Scholarships can make a bigger dent in your tuition than you may expect, especially if you will be receiving little to no need-based aid at your school. There are several summer break scholarships available for you to apply to! Why not start a spreadsheet to organize your applications and start applying? Just a few short hours of your life could have major payouts for you!

Attend Summer School

Okay, attending summer school might not be your idea of the most fun break ever. However, it is important to consider the benefits of attending summer school. If you’ve fallen behind in your classes, summer school will help you keep your credits on track so that you can graduate at your planned time. If you have yet to take certain required classes, you can do so during summer school. This option will open you up to take either more competitive or more interesting classes during the school year. Additionally, going to summer school will show your teachers that you are dedicated to your academics.

Attend a Summer Program

Summer school not of interest to you? Consider attending a summer program. Several programs have already closed their applications, but there are still some that are open. Attending a summer program can be a great resume booster, not to mention the priceless connections that you can make while attending a program at a prestigious university! Summer programs at these schools are also a great way to try a university on for size and see if the academics and rigor are what you would desire from college. If it’s too late for you this year, keep this in mind for next year! Some applications close as early as January, so make sure to do your research for summer 2023 well in advance.

Study for Standardized Tests

With your time freed up in summer, you will have plenty of chances to study for your standardized tests. Studying for major exams like the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, or other entrance exams can be intimidating, but giving yourself ample time each day to study can help ease the process. Consider investing in a prep course to help you reach your highest possible scores. For students interested in earning additional college credit while in high school, summer can be a great time to kick-off your self-study plan for AP or CLEP exams. Remember - the hardest part of studying is starting. It’s all uphill from there.

Have Fun

No summer advice list would be complete without this piece of advice. Studying and working is great, but without rest you will burnout. Summer is a perfect time to recover from the stress of the school year and recharge for the next one. So go and enjoy the things you like, whether that be going to the pool, hanging out with your friends, or sleeping in until noon, and not just because you want to. Do it because it’s important for your mental health. After all, isn’t that what summer break is supposed to be about?

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