The $1K Scholarship That Helps You Set Goals

Find out how this scholarship will help you get into the goal setting process and help you pay for college, too!

Shawna Newman

May 17, 2022

The $1K Scholarship That Helps You Set Goals
What’s your scholarship application goal?
Creating goals drives success for students. But why is it important to set goals? Goalsetting is a way to shape your journey to success. It’s also a leadership skill you will use after college. Bonus: having goals also gives you something to look forward to. Think of setting goals as a roadmap. This map involves action plans, motivation, and evaluation of your goal when finished. JUMP TO FASTWEB’S $1,000 SCHOLARSHIP GOAL CRUSHER SWEEPSTAKES

What is a Goal?

A goal is an objective a person creates. Summertime sometimes influences students to place their goals on hold. The best students set short-term goals in the summer months. Successful students find a balance between the freedom of summer fun and their college dreams. Fastweb’s $1,000 Scholarship Goal Crusher Sweepstakes is one way to influence positive goal setting tied to future success. Plus, the scholarship sweepstake encourages students to create goals—more specifically, individual scholarship application targets. Planning a smart goal starts with brainstorming. Ask yourself: “Why is it important I set this goal? Is this goal realistic? Can I achieve this goal in a realistic timeframe?” Choose a personal goal that is ultimately part of the bigger picture—this is a self-focused picture of where you want to be soon.

What is a Realistic Goal?

Measurable goals must be practical. A realistic goal is one that you can reach with your current mindset and availability of resources. A realistic goal can be achieved in a reasonable timeframe. You also have access to the things you’ll need to accomplish a realistic goal. For example, an Antarctic student that set a workout goal to lose weight—10 pounds in one week by running to the gym every morning would have set a very unrealistic goal. Especially, considering there was no gym access where they lived! If you set a realistic goal it will be a more motivating experience. The more things you accomplish, the more determined you get. This momentum will push you to accomplish other goals. According to, conquering your goals can help boost self-confidence as well.

About the $1,000 Scholarship Goal Crusher Sweepstakes

Here is how to enter Fastweb's Scholarship Goal Crusher Sweepstakes for your chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship:
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$1,000 Scholarship Goal Crusher Sweepstakes

Deadline: 6/20/22
Available to: Students, Minimum Age of 16
Award Amount: $1,000 The future is owned by no one other than YOU, the scholarship goal crusher. Your idea of college success doesn’t include student debt. You set goals, then conquer them. Set your scholarship application goal by picking the answer that fits you. There’s NO wrong answer!

How to Set Realistic Goals

You must create goals you can achieve. Check your goals to ensure they’re accomplishable. Here’s how you can set a realistic goal for yourself: Determine your level of commitment. Don’t set a goal that you are not excited about. According to, “You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.” You will need to put in the time and effort to make your goal a reality. Note your limitations If money, time or physical things are in your way you may need to change up your goals or break them into small goals. Be real with yourself and write down the challenges you may encounter. This will give you a better idea if the goal works for you. Understand that it’s okay to modify your original goal. Set yourself up for success by repositioning your target or by trying a related goal. This process is better than quitting entirely. Be specific. Students tend to fail when they create broad goals. This sets a clear picture and helps you identify target dates and things you need in order to be successful. It’s best to have a clear plan laid out. Use research for your goal. Find out if your goal is accomplishable in the time frame you have set. Write down your steps. Break down each step you need to take to reach the final goal. This eliminates the feeling of being overwhelmed. If you can, assign a timeframe around each step too and take your goal one step at a time. Evaluate the process. Once you have finished your goal, give the process a reflection. You may realize goals with more steps can feel more doable or you may find that three-step goals are perfect for you. Use this evaluation to help you create the process to knock out your next big goal.

Tips to Keep Goals in Motion

Stay motivated and on the right path to keep your goals alive. Try the six methods below to help yourself stay focused: Write out your goals, and the steps needed to accomplish your goals.Does this involve a daily task? If so, write it down. Post-it brand recommends creating a goal board. According to a blog post, students are 42% more likely to accomplish their goals if they’re written down and displayed. Place your goals in an area you visit often.< Write your goal on a sticky note and place it on your bathroom mirror. You’ll be greeted each morning with a goal reminder. This can also empower you to keep the day productive. Use a Calendar.Now that you’ve written out your goal, get it on your Google calendar. Set reminders. Create a reminder in your phone to help you stay on task. This can be a motivational quote, TikTok or photo. You’ll know why the reminder popped up! Encourage yourself. A goal is hard to accomplish when you don’t think it can really happen. Believe in yourself! Give yourself a pep talk before you work on your goal. Be patient with yourself too. Most goals are not conquered overnight. It’s a process! Ask your friends for help. There is nothing wrong with getting help to accomplish a task. This is a smart approach to help you track your progress. Accountability helps you stay on track! If a friend knows what you are working toward, they can check in on you. Break your goal into a few micro goals. This is a productive mind trick. When you complete a task, your brain releases endorphins. These make you feel good, and when you feel good about something you want to do more. You’re basically using your brain’s hormone reactions to keep yourself going! This is like your morning coffee or afternoon iced mocha pushing you through the day.

How to Create Scholarship Application Goals

Creating scholarship application goals is the right mindset you need if you want to pay for college without a lot of student debt. Winning scholarships involves persistence, motivation, and good habits. The more scholarships you apply for, the more chances of a scholarship win. Try adopting and modifying the goals below: Check Fastweb daily to see what new scholarships you should apply for. Apply for one Featured Scholarship a week. Apply for two unique scholarships from my Scholarship Matches on your Fastweb profile each month. Update your Fastweb profile at the end of each semester to make sure you’re getting matched to all scholarship possibilities that fit you.

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