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Five Summer Break Must-Do’s

A student dives into five things students should consider doing this summer.

Student Contributor, Charles Schnell

May 18, 2021

Five Summer Break Must-Do’s
Pick up a new instrument, join a new social group, learn new outdoorsman skills.
Another schoolyear has finished! Regardless of how your year went, I am willing to bet my quarter that most of us are glad to have summer vacation before us. How will we use all of our newfound time? When brainstorming activities to keep myself busy, I find it helpful to make a to-do list of everything I want to accomplish over the summer. The items on my list range from activities that can be completed (For example, one of mine was write my last Fastweb article of the season) or activities that are without end (Another example of mine is to read books). Below is a list of things you can do over the summer to prevent your own surge into a pandemic of boredom:
  1. Part-Time Employment and Odd Jobs
    I have sent out inquiries to several potential employers this very day that I am writing this article. There is no significant downside to working part-time over the summer; many of the positives include earning money, possibly making friends with coworkers, gaining work experience (an asset for resumes), and learning new skills—whether they be in a kitchen, outdoors, or somewhere in between. Asking around the neighborhood to see if any of your neighbors are looking for someone to housesit, babysit, walk dogs, or mow the lawn. These odd jobs are opportunities to use free time you may have occasionally, as well as earning money along the way.
  2. Read My biggest regret thus far is that I did not read many books for pleasure before college. Now, I am trying to make up for all the wasted time!
    I have a friend who loves to read and inspired me to try reading at least three books (depending on length) this summer. I recommend you do the same! Make a list of some books that you want to read. Reading is the best way that I know of to entertain oneself while nurturing your mind.
  3. Exercise
    Whether it be basketball, swimming, football, soccer, volleyball, and/or lifting weights, summer is a great opportunity to exercise. Along with the physical benefits, exercise will also give you mental and emotional benefits.
  4. Summer Cleaning Do you have any leftover papers from the schoolyear? Are your drawers overflowing with clothes ranging from 10 years to 10 weeks old? Do you have a lot of childhood toys, video games, or books lying around? Summer vacation gives you plenty of time to tidy up, toss old objects or trash that no longer have value, and donate some things you no longer need that others would love to have! Perhaps you could even operate a garage sale if you have a lot of things, you no longer need. Not only does this give you something to do, but you will thank yourself later after next school year when you probably have more items that you accumulated from the previous year to store.
  5. New Hobbies Summer vacation offers many opportunities to acquire and nurture new hobbies. Pick up a new instrument, join a new social group, learn new outdoorsman skills. The ideas are nearly limitless. One can never have enough hobbies or interests.
These have been the five summer “must do’s.” They are all on my “to-do” list. I hope you all have a relaxing, well-deserved summer vacation. Do not waste it all in front of the computer, phone, or television screen!

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