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Meet Fastweb's 2020-2021 Student Contributors

Hear our student-writer team touch on a variety of important topics throughout the year. How do they feel about going back to school during a pandemic? Get student tips, and understand you're not alone on the path to a college degree.

Shawna Newman

September 16, 2020

Meet Fastweb's 2020-2021 Student Contributors
Each year Fastweb provides several students, both high school and college, a platform to share their voice and experiences.
Experience is pivotal to success and growth. It’s being keen to these opportunities that sets you apart! “I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.” Elon Musk’s quote captures the sentiment of our eager student writers, and YOU the active scholarship applicants with big dreams. Not only does this provide each student contributor with a variety of real-world experience, it gives you—our readers—the chance to hear from your peers. We’re delighted to introduce Fastweb’s nine savvy student writers for the 2020-2021 season. The cool thing is they’re all students too (both college and high school), traversing the uncertain 2020 academic season. Hear how they’re tackling the school year, student thoughts on the FAFSA and learn a few tips and tricks to manage the year yourself.
Fastweb would like to welcome both friendly and fresh faces to the 2020-2021 Student Contributor team! Meet the new (and returning) team below: Welcome Back - Mary Bellm: Truman State University, Junior Read Mary’s first article of the season, How Three Midwestern Colleges Are Handling COVID. Welcome Back - Aleena Islam: Panther Creek High School, Senior
Check out Allena’s first article of the season, A Guide to Navigating Senior Year During COVID-19. Welcome Back - Charles Schnell: Emory University, Freshman Read Charles’ first article of the season, Zooming Toward Your Degree. Welcome Back - Shreya Thalvayapati: Hopkinton High School, Senior
Check out Shreya’s first article of the season, My Last Year of High School Amid a Pandemic. Lydia Schultz: Schamburg High School, Senior Read Lydia’s first article, Five Truths 2020 Illuminated. Alondra Arevalo: Colony High School, Junior Check out Alondra’s first article, Virtual Volunteer Opportunities Despite COVID. Nayeli Morales: Pioneer High School, Junior Read Nayeli’s first article, Three Ways Students Can Stay Sane During Quarantine. Ailani Ocasio: Southwestern Educational Society, Senior Check out Ailani’s first article, A Student’s View About School Unknowns, COVID-19. Jasmin Kaur: University of Dallas, Freshman Read Jasmin’s first article, The Social and Academic Ramifications of COVID-19.

More about Fastweb's Student Contributor Series

Fastweb's Student Contributors series allows Fastweb members to gain insight on important student topics through the experiences of their peers, ranging from high school to graduate school. Discover, learn from and relate to articles written by Fastweb members who willingly share their first-hand encounters with student life and issues that matter most. Throughout this academic year in particular, team articles will focus on various student-centric topics and the Coronavirus impacts of each. Articles will cover issues such as college applications and admissions, applying for college scholarships, along with sharing their daily student life experiences in high school, college and graduate school. Providing Fastweb readers a glimpse into the real student voice is comparable to having several older siblings’ diaries - with instructions on what to do (and what not to do) in terms of academics and student life. After all, who better to learn from than your peers? We believe connecting with students across the United States as they navigate the Pandemic and student season will serve as a great reader resource.

How You Can Be a 2021-2022 Student Writer

The opportunity to apply to the Fastweb Student Contributor team was extended to Fastweb members with listed career interests like creative writing, journalism, news media, publishing and related fields. Each July, we send out an application email to student readers signed up on Fastweb. We receive a high volume of student responses every year. Be sure to be on the lookout if you’re interested in the 2021-2022 Student Contributor season. Our diverse team consists of students from all sorts of backgrounds, different ages, races and ethnicities. Just as no Fastweb member is alike, no student contributor is either! And, they’re all Fastweb members, just like you. We also encourage you, the Fastweb reader, to find a student contributor’s voice you relate to and check back on their articles throughout the academic school year. If there are any additional topics, you’d like for our student team to cover, please comment and share your suggestions below!

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Shawna Newman

Managing Editor, Contributing Writer

Shawna Newman is the Managing Editor and a writer at Fastweb. She has over 10 years of experience in higher education. Her direct work with college admissions teams, financial aid officers, college deans, ...

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