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Living the Life: Perks of a College Campus

Don't let your college campus amenities go to waste.

Kathryn Knight Randolph

March 07, 2017

Living the Life: Perks of a College Campus
When you hear the word “college,” you don’t exactly think of luxurious amenities. Rather, you think of cramped dorms, bad food and outdated study nooks in the library. However, there are a host of conveniences that you may be overlooking, whether you’re in college already or just looking. Don’t miss out on these benefits. The Fitness Center Most colleges and universities these days require state-of-the-art fitness centers in order to compete with other schools for prospective students. These fitness centers include everything from Olympic-size swimming pools to the latest in treadmill and elliptical technology. Technically, you’re paying for this perk through your tuition and fees so you might as well use it. With this kind of access, you can run, lift and play basketball at all hours.

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Health and Counseling Services
Also included in your student fees is the right to use health and counseling services offered by your school. Health services on college campuses offer check-ups, prescriptions and refills as well as vaccinations, like the flu shot. Additionally, you can meet with a professional counselor anytime you need to, whether you’re tackling big issues like depression or momentary panic attacks about your job search after college. Given that you’ll have to pay quite a lot out of pocket to receive these services after college, you should take advantage of them now.

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Career Center After college, having your resume evaluated by a professional could cost you, but when you’re in college, it can be done for free at your career center. These advocates for your professional development can also help you develop a cover letter, conduct mock interviews and assist you in your job search. They also host job fairs and networking events on campus. Basically, you have job search specialists at your disposal for four years – and it’s absolutely free. Tutoring

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If you’ve had a private tutor for any reason over the course of your academic career, you know how expensive they can be – we’re talking hundreds, even thousands, per year depending on the subject and amount of time. During college, you can benefit from some of the greatest minds on campus at no charge. Plus, your GPA will thank you after a few sessions with these student experts. While academics and a degree are the main reason you’re in college, there are some added amenities that come along with attending classes and living on campus. Take advantage of all of these offerings to get your full money’s worth while you can!

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