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College Career Center Services & Resources

Your college career center is filled with abundant opportunities!

Samantha Starkey

January 09, 2015

College Career Center Services & Resources
"Career services," as the career center at my school is called, provides many resources other than job listings—as helpful to career-conscious, cash-strapped college kids as those can be. But what is a job listing without the interview skills and professional-quality resume to back it up? Well, that's where your career center can help! In addition to internship and job listings, your school's career center may also offer an array of services, including:

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Appointments & Walk-Ins

If you need individualized career help, whether advice for writing your first resume or drafting a cover letter, your career center can help by setting you up to speak with a professional career counselor.

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These appointments can be used to discuss anything career-related from job-searching strategies to business-casual attire to making a good first professional impression.


My school offers two big events: the "Internship Fair"—where dozens of employers set up booths and talk with students—and something called "New York Connection." This event, which has "tracks" for each of the different majors, involves a day-trip featuring extensive career exploration and contact networking in the job- and resource-rich City of New York.

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Other smaller events have included activities like resume workshops. You can visit your college's career center website to find out what types of events they're holding throughout the semester.

Alumni Help

Just because you've gotten your diploma doesn't mean you have to have everything figured out. If your college's career center is open to alumni, take advantage of it! As they say, "It's not what you know, but who you know," and college is great not only for the educational experience but also for the guidance and networking. Alumni like to help fellow alumni, so there might be opportunity for connections in your field of study in that way. The career center at your school is an immense resource that you should not waste. It is included in the price of your tuition, meaning that you do not have to pay anything extra for the advice and connections that their staff is trained to give out. Where else in the world does an opportunity like this exist?

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